Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Funnies with Bucket & Peanut #15

Dirty Jokes😈

So who likes a dirty joke? Or maybe the better question, who in their right mind doesn't like a dirty joke?  Well 'Dirty Jokes' is a new segment we'll be featuring on the occasional Sunday, highlighting a good funny dirty joke someone heard, somewhere, sometime, at someplace. And hopefully follow it up with a half decent image to get your chuckle on.

Once we get our lazy asses into gear with the flickr group we'll start looking for others willing to contribute to this idea and it may just a get featured here on the Sunday page!  

So without further delay, our first joke presented is one that I only know as....

The Tiger Woods Joke

So a newly wed couple gets to their hotel room..... clothes start coming off.... things get passionate and suddenly the new wife stops the husband and says... "I'm sorry hunny.... I have a confession to make before we have sex..... I'm not a virgin.....but I've only had sex with one man, and that man was Tiger Woods"....

The Husband thinks for a second and replies "Well I guess it was only once.... and it was with a big time celebrity golfer, so I can understand that too..... so it's fine, lets have sex".....

So they jump into bed and fuck each others brains out.....

Afterwards the husband is getting out of bed and heading to the phone when his wide says.... "Hunny what are you doing?"

"Ordering room service" The Husband replies

His wife responds... "Uh uh, that's not what Tiger would do.... Tiger would come back to bed and fuck me again"

So the husband jumps back into into bed for round 2

Afterwards same thing, gets out of bed and the wife asks "What are you doing baby?"

The Husband responds... "Ummm ordering room service"

She looks at him again with that look and says "Nope... that's not what Tiger would do, Tiger would come back and fuck me again"

The husband groans and stumbles back into bed and they go for round 3....

After they finish, this time the husband flops out of bed onto the floor and starts crawling to the phone....

"Are you ordering room service?" The wife asks

The husband then replies........ "No god damnit! I'm calling Tiger Woods!  I need to know what the par is on this fucking hole"

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