Sunday, December 13, 2015

Empire - Episode One

I am happy to release the first episode of Empire, my latest feature film.  Empire is the story of a girl on the fringes of the Roman Empire who with the impending threat of war heads to Rome to meet her destiny.  Filmed over several months starting this summer, Empire stars Kara Hawk but features several familiar faces.  There will be several posts about the details of this film as I continue to release episodes (there will probably be 3 in all, possibly 4 depending on the length of the final cut).

My goal with this film was to create a tone for the period, and to focus mostly on the sexual content, not the details of the story.  I used (mostly) authentic music from the period and minimized the amount of 'English' spoken in the sex scenes.

Please enjoy Empire and stay tuned for more episodes!   << Click here to watch the film!

Stills from Episode One:


  1. Maybe I'm biased, but this is great. Isa, you are awesome!

  2. Thank you, Kara! Without you, there is no film - congrats :) I can't wait to finish the film with you!