Friday, April 6, 2018

Fellatio Friday #85

Hello and of course welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday, the showcase post that helps you start your day presenting a selection (not random but arbitrary enough to almost be treated like that!) from the many excellent, creative, funny, sometimes outrageous photos submitted to the Flickr group by the same name. One picture per person per week tops gets published, it's the largest themed group of its kind around, you should totally join it and omg I posted the important stuff first and relegated the padding to the second paragraph. Gasp! I am so losing it today!

A cheerful tasty pic to begin, with Kara Hawk and her "It's Spring and a Girl's Thoughts Turn to... "

...well now I am lost about what to write here. I guess I could say that this is our post #85 and 85 reminds me of uh....The 85 ways to tie a tie? Hm well, we are here to show you much more entertaining ways  to almost choke someone, so, enough padding and let's get started!

Attack of the cute DJ Tart! - Curty Dovgal (boy, doesn't she get attacked ALL the time! need a bodyguard? I volunteer!)

Make Me Pose - Ali Fox - Sasquatch Rhino

Rediscovering the House of Insatiables - Zunx

Here's a screenshot from Mitzy Broadway's Dystopia , soon to be released
- ...and you'll read about it very soon!!

Deep Release - Luke Fortacos

Serving up the bikers - ZimmiW

[ clique ] 040318 - Xavier Queller - 003 - Nakari Tolsen

"Advanced" Piano Lessons - Kat Capelo

envieuse - Kalehua64

About to lick his cock just as he spurts - yummy - Lisa Lowan

Benediction - Brad Zeurra

Greedy little girl - Jackie Madison

Envogue_001 - Lasga Claven

Lollipop_002 - Nuur

ToniD-POV - Thorgal McGillivary

Thats how you deep throat - Ace Xander

Clover teaching Ame - Dax Rahl

Heaven's taste - Jade Doet

Massaging and sucking - JoeCia87

Whole Lotta Rosie - Kenny mrbigstuph - and check the full sex shoot with Rosie Moorcock!

A screenshot from Zoey Winsmore 's 'The pre-nup' : read it all here !

For The Haters - Grim Skall

blow job in car - Jucy Lucy

Swallowing more than her pride - Sandra Palletier

and more driving lessons with agalanis by Waif Ah

bonking bunny (ff) - SuzySt

Fellatio Friday - Tour Diddy

Definitely - PJ Thornton

Untitled one by Cally Janus

Little Licks of a Chocolate Lollypop - Marcus Strong

She finally gets what she wanted. - Mellie Criss

slurppp - Merie Merie

Daddy's Chair - Chase Stone

Addicted - Abhati O

Felatio Friday with Mae - Kelly Kristan

Spring (chulapinta) - Alexis Futanari

I rub his best piece ... - Koko Tigerauge

It's like sucking on a lollipop - Jessie Selona

And we close the post with a leftover from Easter by one of our original and most prolific posters in group Jimmy Windstorm, in He found the eggs. !!!! And, in my obvious "I picked this last because it's a slim and trim photo" (yes, I do aspectratioshame), one from yet another one of the most prolific posters of the flickr group, Mitya Dimas. Which is, in his best tradition, untitled :p

Have a super sucky soaked weekend and see you next time!

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