Friday, April 20, 2018

Fellatio Friday #87

Hello and welcome! It's another Fellatio Friday blog post! Four score and seven weeks ago our Isa brought forth on this blog a new post, conceived in fellatio, and dedicated to the proposition that all cocks are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a mouthwatering weekly post, testing whether those cocks, or any cock so sucked and so licked, can long endure. We are met on a great group of that Flickr. We have come to dedicate a portion of this blog, as a weekly resting place for those who there gave their pics that this blog post might thrive. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

This Lap by Tatiana Easterwood lets me give a shoutout again to Squeeze Magazine

Okay, I stop! I think I have most of the points covered anyway, and as I write every week: join the group, submit more photos, and simply enjoy sharing in world as well - we on the blog will do our best to feature more and more ! Thanks for being wonderful, and please please please submit your shots - I had over 100 new submissions this week so I certainly can't complain, and yet there are so many excellent photos out there that I'd be happy to include. Bye for now...

O M G - Igor Romanov

Going Downton - Laura Richards

Sweet As Sin. - Marx

Finishing what she started - Cronus Storm

Aya: Have a Drink on Me - Nakuru Bergamasco

Fellatio Friday - What a Mess - Cheryl Reddevil

her view: All About His Package - Alexandria Topaz ...

... and his view: Lunch Is Served - Chase Stone

Just another Maui Swinger's Club beach day - Curty Dovgal

Montana & Larry at Doggers - from Larry Vinaver's 'extras' stream. Check out always his main flickr including also montage compilations like this one.

Money shot - Traci Quandry

KK14 from the latest Kickin' with Kaoru photoset by the awesome Aria Horan

Rawness! - Prof Ayman aka Eqix Resident

MarcusShirt12 - Sharon Summerwind (and check out the whole set 'Fun with Marcus' here !)

Sex Club show with Partee - Kelli Kristan

It Takes Two To Tango - April Jestyr

Abracadabra Part 3 - Zoe Willows

Ah, both Zoe and April are on display at Gemini Gallery, having the new exhibition party this Saturday the21st at 7-9 PM SLT. Don't miss out! Wait, when I say they are on display, I mean a selection of their work, with new exclusive shots from Zoe and.... ah eff it. Just come!

Never say it doesnt fit.... - Melina Jameson

this is " ♥ "  by Merie Merie!

Showing Support - Boricua Flow (check out Alley Cats , it's one sexy album!)

Naughty Tentacle with Emmanuelle Jameson - Faith Darrow
(her uber-successful series is about to end, if you still want a taste of that seafood!)

Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full - Ivan Yerkinov

His wife was away for the weekend - Holly Manx

Give it to Me Boys!! - Marcus Strong

Point of no return 1 - Jackie Madison

I fucking love this club - Sandra Palletier

an Untitled one by Mitya Dimas

here's a screenshot from Isa's latest Dandelions, episode 4 !
Petrova and Saulo look awesome in this scene, check it out on this very blog.

I WONDER HOW MANY LICKS IT WILL TAKE TO GET TO THE CREAMY CENTER : photo, title and capitalization byVanessa DeLight

Swinging (FF) - Noshinima

"Bellyfull".. - Dammi Quan

Lexi & Sasha part deux - Dax Rahl

It's Not Going To Suck Itself - Alexis Futanari

After Dinner Dessert 06 - Kayla Whittaker

Servitude - Scotty

And in closing, here's a photo with a pretty darn impressive (amongst the other impressive things) reflection effect in Mirror mirror... by River Anwyl, and one more by the one and only fairy godmother of fellatio, the girl that needs no Introduction but is giving you one anyway, PJ Thornton.

Okay! I think we are done for today!!, really. Don't make it more awkward than it already is!
Go away, see you next week!

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