Friday, July 6, 2018

Fellatio Friday #96

Hello and welcome! It's time for another Fellatio Friday blog post, this time it's number 96! 96 like the number of exits in Super Mario World! ...Mama mia, I just dated myself so badly here. It's too late to I pretend that I just played it for the first time on a Wii, eh? Well, speaking of playing with a wii, enough already with rushed numeric analogies and no focusing on exiting, rather on entering, the right way, the safe way, the oral sex way! So let's...

...let's "Open up" with this sexy shot by Carter Holloway featuring Rachel Swallows....

....and let's go through another paragraph, the one that MAY contain useful information, since I sometimes get asked something I usually put in here. Not that most would read this, tho, because all you do is look if your pic is in this post, hmm? Hmmmmm?? Well, first step for that to happen is joining the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on Flickr. Then submit your photo, which must be themed around fellatio, which is, need I remind you, cocksucking!It can merely imply it, but it has to be there. And second step is, don't wait for it to happen, because choices while not being entirely random are fo' suh entirely subjective. That's one blog post done kinda early in the day, showcasing just a fraction of the great themed pics posted sometimes in the triple digits in group, so it's bound to not include everyone, and yet tries hard! Enjoy this selection and happy sucky friday!

Feeding time - Ayela

Exotic taste - Sandra Palletier

Fun with the wife - Chris C

Forcing her to eat her meal - Teryl Nox

Plenty - I - Ali Denali

Mia la jolie petite salope - Dominique la Rousse Sauvage

Fellatio Friday ! - Paula Berger

Eyes Wide Shut - Zuby Gloom - Grimblood Skall

Suck It - Alexis Futanari

in the confessional AMEN :-) - Jimmy Windstorm

Hitomi thinks Chocolate is Tasty - Marcus Strong

Slumming - Traci Quandry

Somethin Going Down - Chase Stone

Gangsta's Paradise - Lou Shadow

Too late... - Morgan Wanderer

Triple Play with Carley and Morgain - Luke Fortacos

Series: Tentacle Alarm ... - Koko Tigerauge

After Dark with Daddy and Rowan - Gia Foxtrot

....and Closer by Eddric Dayne ! Not any less gorgeous is Rowan's take of the pose, Touch

Bridged - Ted Dosei

Mornings - Sara Hellershanks

and Bech Hellershanks' take, Full English Breakfast

Nak's: Casting Couch Pg.1 - Brea Brianna

A Special Connection - Eamon O'Sullivan

Jacuzzi Time - Calvin Shaw

Happy Fellatio Friday - Seddy Constantine

FF with Clover - Dax Rahl

Fellatio Friday with Aimee - Logan Oleary

Reddevil-icious - Ivan Yerkinov

Behind the blinds - Jade Doet

Swallowing a black cock - Edu Baker

Secretarial Soiree - BenJohn9

Buzzing and blowing - Curty Dovgal

Over the Edge - Cronus Storm

And I am closing today with two of the pornstars who have been the most active lately in the Fellatio department! One is a real veteran of the scene in Kelli Kristan, with Fellatio Friday Fun on beach with Vixxen. The other is Jenna Elena and her fun ThreeSome featuring Kenzie Reeves and Andro Quan.

With all being said... Heck, happy Friday again and see you soon! We are so close to turning 100! Wooo!

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