Friday, July 27, 2018

Fellatio Friday #99

Hello and welcome! Ah yes, I do enjoy saying it. Welcome to the wonderful world of Fellatio Friday! When it's always Friday (preferrably just after work, unless you are one of the many pervs who do pervy things at the workplace!), and everyone gets the tasty treat they want, served hot! It's #99 of this ever growing affair here, and Isa and I thank you wholeheartedly for your partecipation! We have a little surprise for you for the next weeks so, stay tuned!

Shhh Daddy knows what you need! , says Jagger to Jewell. I'd say she's tipping him off!

So, how do you partecipate ? Easy peasy! Join the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on flickr!
Now, what happens when you do? You get access to the largest archive of SL-based photos based around the noble art of BJ! And I am not asking for your credit card, even! I think it's supposed to happen when someone on the internet talks about "getting access" to a "large archive", or something. Anyway, please post your fellatio photos in group, I'll pick a few every week to make this gallery post! Since there are always dozens of photos per week, there's a high chance a photo of yours won't be picked right away, but also a really high chance that it will some weeks after! It's all about sharing the fun and getting inspired in photos anyway, isn't it? Okay, now that I washed my conscience with this disclaimer, let's get down to business! Literally!

Riqusimo :P - Claudia07

Cummin' At Ya - Igor Romanov

Time to work - the naughtier account of  the awesome Ayany Beaumont

Balls Deep - Heather Ashford

Just lean back and open up - Ayela

Starving again - Zunx

My Kori candy part 3 - Shareez (you can enjoy her work in an exhibition curated by Carla Draesia)

One More Push... - Markus Steiner

full mounth - Jimmy Windstorm

this Untitled gem (or pearl? In a literal pearl necklace!) came through Aleksandra Romanova's flickr!

Chef's Special - Aria Horan

Tuk - Ricky Kariunga in a lovely album

Lick stick - Paula Berger

Fast and Furious - Chase Stone

When your valet driver is just so damn yummy - Lesley Aristocrat

Finished Off - Carola Conover

Yummy -Pretty Perion

Pool-side: Fire and Ice - Creighton Zehntner

Damn right - Traci Quandry

Post thoughts.... - Melina Jameson

Moonlight Tryst (Part 4) - Morgan Talbot (check the full album !)

Pool, Cue and Pocket - Koko Tigerauge

Mouthwatering - Nikki T

black job_001 - Nuur

GoodGirl - Naia Zuzu

Back and Forth - Sandra Palletier

Giving it to the boss-6_001 - Tommy Gun Productions (and again, check the set!)

Suck n Ride - Alexis Futanari

Aud - Larry Vinaver

Girls gone Bananas_001 - Jasmine

Occupied - Amy Starr

 looking at us (fellatio friday) - Ludwig Sabretooth

Straddle - River Anwyl

And I am closing today with work from easily one of the best and most active porn companies of 2018, Forbidden Fruit, in Hold your breath (FF) by Tourdiddy (and check out the very fellatious HAM pic too, still with Tour and Ellen Saint !), and a sexy pic with a supah-sexy model in Kathrine Takes a Taste by the reigning king of FF himself Marcus Strong.

Enjoy a wonderful Friday! And...seems good enough of a wish to me already!

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