Friday, September 14, 2018

Fellatio Friday #105

And here we go, for another week's worth of dicks (or more or less adequate substitutes) being licked, kissed, tasted, worshipped and all that sort of dickish behaviour we know and love! This is FF #105! 105 like....hmm, like one of the top radio stations in my country! I don't think blowjobs would work all that well in a radio show format - although of course some of the performances can be audibly impressive, so forgive me if I stick to the usual photo format. And now, follow me to the disclaimer.

While you wait, enjoy this treat by Melina Jameson, Sweet & Salty!

Okay, here we are: it's so simple! Put your photo in the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group!
Photos have to be themed around sucking a dick! For the pussy licking , there's....Dog Star Pussy Licking, of course. This is just a weekly post that contributes with its selection to the 'meme' you made so successful across the years - hey we even have our own award category in the SX awards, imagine that. :p So what else to say? Like I's just a blog post, done by a single person, whose mind works in mysterious ways. For instance, can you guess at least one 'theme' that went through my mind when i picked the photos this week, grabbing them from the huge pool of over 8k pics? It's easy. Well, anyway, enjoy the gallery and keep sucking!

Loves Titty Tuesdays - Jesto Korman

firelight - Torsten Holst

Jawbreaker - Aria Horan

red interrogation - Argosi Domenici

Dessi: Like a Lollipop - Nakuru Bergamasco

The Party Girl Part 3 - Marcus Strong

Little car - Osiris LeShelle

Hunger - Leannan McCormick


imminent gag - EmmaJaneweay

Whip it out Wednesday - Kayah Marbo

It cums the rain - Betty Fasionlover

Therapy Thursday - Nicko

POOL SIDE FUN - Kaylai Cucco

When you talk with your daughter - JoeCia87

Happy Fellatio Friday - Chase Stone

Naughty Saturday - Susan

Her Morning Desire - Storm Greystoke

 sunday blow job - Jimmy Windstorm

Unexpected shot - Purplerain Exonar

Security camera - Jade Doet

Clean up in the Parking Lot - Kat Winchester

Morning licks - Jasmine

Snapshot_025 - Heyoka2 France

It takes two to tango - part II - Elena Starr

Balanced - Lesley Aristocrat

x - vAntonv

Greedy - Zunx

The right ending for a clothing haul - Sandra Palletier (album available here!)

Without waiting, she had swallowed his cock and sucked it greedily - Paula Berger

Oral Exam - Kelli Kristan

A day at the beach... - Koko Tigerauge

Happy Ass Monday @ ATP - IlX Jenxll

DONUTS - Rachel Swallows

And after Rachel's lickilicious display that takes care of your hunger, here we close with a hot one from Satomi Kano, called Thanks to a yummy Slone Marbo and...yep it's BigD Elcano again, this time with another photo from his most recent 'series', Thirst Quenchers, this time with Leanna Mai.

Enjoy your Friday!

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