Friday, June 7, 2019

Fellatio Friday #143

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #143. According to the source all of my PG knowledge Wikipedia: on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: "Transformations", 143 is used to mean "I love you". 1 meaning I for 1 letter, 4 meaning Love for the 4 letters, and 3 meaning You for the 3 letters. Reportedly, Fred Rogers maintained his weight at exactly 143 pounds for the last thirty years of his life, and associated the number with the phrase "I love you".
That's so sweet!

This is Blinded by thirst by Ted Dosei. 
I guess she misses out on a nice close-up of mr. Dosei's ballsack then!

Am I a little less sweet for thinking that pretty much any lady (and a couple of gentlemen...) in the following pics would be able to suck at least a pound's worth out of mr. Roger's nuts? Now THAT is kinda my way to say 'I love you'!  Okay, I am so digressing, so: let's just say this is a post based on Dog Star Fellatio Friday, the group on flickr you can join to post your hot fellatio pics and see almos 11k shots of all sort of fellatiousness. This post is simply a selection of some of the week's notable contribution (leaving just as many perfectly good ones out) mixed with material from previous weeks that was greatly appreciated and was just waiting to be shown. Enjoy !

Daimaju's Girls - Vixxen Rainbow Clowes (DO visit the excellent exhibition at the Forbidden Fruit Gallery, where you can admire some greatly inspired work from her and several others!)

Hot Summer's Night - Envy Watts

Fellatio Friday quickie - Elizabeth Darcie

It's Friday Fun Night and we're having a good time! - Emily Pia Mia Moore

Focus Loss - Crush [Photographer]

Greedy Enora - Sandra Palletier

Blowjob Extreme - Carola Conover

Elevator - Jade Doet

Drilled and licked... - Amy Starr

Best Service In Town! - Ivori Faith

Keep eye contact - Dax Rahl

the adventures of yumiko watanabe 005 - Fututio

lick for daddy - DJ Chuckie

Another Fine Mess - Laura Richards

Behind the Club Threesome - Kelli Kristan

Morning wood at Surfers - Logan O'Leary

Morning Wood - Sam Dellaux

Mountain High - Chase Stone

Gentle Kiss - Jodie Darling

Hanging 10 - Traci Quandry

If you ever get an attack like this... - Rikki Sixx

late night snack - Smash Bros SL

Kayla & Larry - Larry Vinaver

Kiss The King - Romanic Touch

Late night affair 2 - Victoria Somerset

Snapshot03 23 2019_055 - April Summirs

Suck - Alexis Futanari

Makki's Passions - David Storm

licking 3some - Rolf Kraki

a mouthful - Lavina Kraki

shower outdoor - Jimmy Windstorm

The Cock Whisperer Part Two-The Stud Tamer - Marcus Strong (oh my god, I want to produce those movies for real!)

Deep Taste of Ivori - Sweet Poison

What do you want to do today - Vii Anwyl

Hungry girlfriend.................................... - Michael Olson

And we close with From A Lick .... by the ever gorgeous Jessica Moonlight...which ends up in ...To a Taste, with (perhaps not so!) surprising conclusion! And with I couldn't resist by Siouxsie Shepherd. So many sexy photos this week, wow.

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