Friday, June 14, 2019

Fellatio Friday #144

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #144! Just 2.50 $ per minute!
Wait, wait, don't run away. It was just a joke that makes sense only to Italians. See, 144 was the prefix for premium-rate calls in my country back in the 90s. Before the internet, that was a thing, to try and talk to strangers and stuff! Amazing how far we progressed: now micro-transactions have spread to all the other areas.
Anyway, I got away with the intro again: time to deal with the actual juicy portion of the post!

"When she takes that cock and licks it like an ice cream cone" , as Jos Loll puts it. 

First tho, usual disclaimer: hello! You are looking at a post based on a flickr group, Dog Star Fellatio Friday. It's based on, you guessed it, photos centered around c0cksuck1ng (I don't know why I wrote it like this). But also licking it, oogling at it, anticipating and savouring the om nom nom moments, and , obviously, any sort of substitute that makes you go "Oh I see what she/he did there....".
One pic per person gets published. Not like, ever: I mean per week. If yours got skipped, obviously you sucked. Or someone sucked yours. Ha! You thought I meant it as as judgement of value, eh? No, seriously, I just gotta pick some and here's what you get!

tight grip FF - Argosi Domenici

chu X - Orkira

After A Long Weekend - Uri Jefferson

Three's a Party - Chase Stone

Using his Senses - Jewell Infinity

B B C . . . - Iris Okiddo

'Well, blow me!' - Larry Vinaver

Doube Date - Laura Richards

Charter Flight: First Class Service (Part 6) - Morgan Talbot (and what a set!)

Satisfaction - Vixxen Rainbow

My kind of cruise - River Anwyl

In the Swamp5 - Bell Asteria

Intense Blowjob Training - Carola Conover

Heated Liaison FF..... - Elizabeth Darcie

N&A: Oh Yea That's It - Nakuru Bergamasco

The Orgy! - Amy Starr

Nice surprise 2 - Satomi Kano

Random Acts of Sex - 040 - Kayla Whittaker

Sunday Morning Brunch Ft. Jo Aquacade - Jagger Draconis

Taking it deep - Traci Quandry

april 2 - Torsten Holst

Fellatio Cam Show - Kelli Kristan


Zoey, Bridget and seeky having a licking good time in the open - Zoey Wild

For the Man who has Everything... - David Storm

Forbidden Fruit Inc - Tourdiddy (get to the It's Raining Men exhibition ! With Tour's work along with several other artists featured in this post)

Soft tongue - Jade Doet

Snapshot_177 - Samy Saint Claire

DOD - Smash Brothers SL

Chi Tau Cum Slut - Rhiannon Tamerlane

Eating it All - Rajakumari Sundara

Drinks? - Spanks (Rhea Glenwalker)

Wallowfoxy - Alexis Futanari

With a friend in his apartment. - Melinda Knoller

Head's Eye View - Romanic Touch

anikka_065 - Franky Demonge (check the whole "Cumshower for Agua de Annique" album!)

Out in the Country - Marcus Strong

And we close this week's post with Rikki Sixx making a good case for the local denomination of the Friday festivities over there at her Blacked Island, her new project sim, in I call it from now BBC Friday , and with Banana!!! by Isla Grace, showing so well WHY I take food pics for this post, thank you very much!

We had enough vitamins and proteins for today, in this post at least. Now go inworld and enjoy the real deal! And bring back pics!

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