Monday, January 13, 2020

3DX Vacation! Episode 7 - New Friends, Part 2

We decided to head into one of the beach houses not so much for privacy but to have a little more room.  We sprawled out on the bed and gave our stud a quick body massage before I took him to my mouth and massaged his massive cock with my lips and tongue.


My new friend and I decided to have some girl time and asked Stud to accommodate our sapphic lust for one another.  He gladly obliged and slowly stroked himself while watching she and I go slightly mad together.  Our tongues and fingers plunged and pleasured and both of us exploded with blissful, orgasmic ecstasy.

Our new friend had an appointment and had to leave so I suggested that she get a proper fucking by our stud.  No one objected so I frigged myself while watching his monster cock pound her deep, dripping pussy, listening to her moans of raw pleasure.  

He could have gone on for longer but she had worked hard for her reward and he was only too happy to give it to her.  He coated her perfect tits with enough spunk to have spawned an entire city while my fingers rubbed my clit in rapid circles.


After she sucked the last bits of nut from the source, she and I kissed each other goodbye, with a promise to meet again later on that week.  

After a bit we headed back out to the beach and made out for a bit.  I was shocked...REALLY shocked to discover how quickly he was able get hard again and was beginning to wonder if this guy could really wear me out.  Ok, not wondering...HOPING.


And when he came....he came like he hadn't cum in a month, his cock spitting out long ropes of warm sticky stuff all over me.  I mean it got everywhere.  

This guy could FUCK...but there were a few days left of my wanton vacation...maybe I needed to spend a little time alone?

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