Saturday, January 25, 2020

3DX Vacation! Episode 8 - Fantasy Island

I love to swim and being on an island gave me a great opportunity to indulge myself.  I decided to go au natural and found myself swimming to a small island just a short distance from my shore.

I walked up onto the island and discovered that it was really small - just a rock jutting out of the ocean, honestly.  I looked back at my little resort bungalow and decided to take advantage of some time alone.  You know what I'm talking about!  😉

I worked my fingers in and out of my pussy, sending my moans of pleasure out to the sky. 

I began fantasizing as my fingers worked my body into a frenzy...I closed my eyes and soon I was in a train, with some man who knew very well how to provide me pleasure...

What a fantasy!  As the train penetrated the snowy winter night, I sucked and fucked my mystery man to a blinding orgasm.

But I wasn't done yet.

My fingers were whipping me into a frenzy...and suddenly I was deep in my next fantasy in which I was a nurse at a sperm clinic.  I know what you're thinking but don't blame me...I can't control where my brain goes most of the time!  

I finished off the first guy and was asked to help out the next.  Customer service is very important at our sperm donation clinic!

I laid back and kept rubbing...

...and soon I was squirting delicious pleasure all over my orgasm was strong and profound...I would sleep good that night!

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