Friday, December 11, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #328 - KittyKaty96 (Kathryn)

In SL and RL it's always nice to meet someone who is simply comfortable in their own skin.  KittyKaty96 (who goes by Kathryn) is such a person.  I met with her at her house which was nicely decorated for Christmas and got to know her a bit while I took a few pics.  Enjoy!  💋 ~Isa

Isa:  Where in the world are you from?
Kathryn:  I'm from the south of England.

Isa:  What do you enjoy doing in SL?
Kathryn:  Well, mostly hang out with my SL friends. I have a few RL friends on here too. We all meet once a month since we can't see each other IRL. I'm also a host at a club called LSH.

Isa:  Your avatar is very petite; what is your motivation behind your overall look?  
Kathryn:  My first thought was to try and match my look on my real look. I've tried many different avatars and none felt right. Someone suggested I try Tonic, the body I have now and... yeah. I instantly felt this was more me. I'm 23 IRL.

Isa: What are your Turn On's?
Kathryn:  Umm... I have a few but I'm really into dom/sub.  I'm definitely not Domme but I'm also not very submissive lol. I disobey a lot.  Also, I like pain. My main kink is consensual non-consensual role play.

Isa: What are your Turn Off's?
Kathryn:  Blood is a definite turn off. Any mention or any sight of it, I instantly go lightheaded, feel sick and turned off. I don't like the terms slut and whore either. (Isa - totally agree!  Let's stop slut-shaming!)

Isa:  What is your sexual orientation?
Kathryn:  Pansexual. I like people based on their personality. I still have a preference like most people but if I had feelings for another girl, i wouldn't deny those feelings.

Isa:  Flickr page?:  

Isa:  What is your happiest SL memory or experience?
Kathryn:  Oh. I was asked to model for an item of clothing at K*Zhu Fashion and my picture is up in their main store.

Kathryn wears the Tonic Fine avatar with the minimizer chest add-on and the Catwa Catya head.  

Photos by Isabelle Cheviot - shot on location at Kathryn's private residence.

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