Friday, March 25, 2022

Dog Star Productions Featured Model #346 - Thai Chai

Isa:         Where are you from?
Thai: All over the USA and Canada but currently residing in Texas.

Isa:         What do you like to do in SL?
Thai: Photography, Modeling, Sailing, Boating, Flying, driving cars, horseback riding, and motorcycles. I like to dance and enjoy my playfun time as well.

Isa:         What turns you on?
Thai: I like a strong partner that is loving...just someone that is into me.

Isa:         What turns you off?
Thai: Dishonesty, lying, and someone that just likes causing misery to others for fun.

Isa:         What mesh 'stuff' do you wear?
Thai: Maitreya and Lelutka

Isa:         What is your sexual orientation and what are your sexual preferences?
Thai: Honestly, I prefer transgenders. I love the female form-with the extra, to me is hot but in all honesty I have no gender preference.  It's more about the company and comfortability that means more.  I believe in honesty. Yes I am male rl and I show it in my profile so anyone has a choice to accept or not. To me Second Life is a chance to be whatever you desire to be and that's who you are in here rl should not be confused with SL. If you are happy then no one should criticize it. The world is hard enough let whatever happiness you have be enjoyed.

Isa:         What do you want to do more of in SL?
Thai: I love modeling and doing photography so that is my main hobby and fun right now.  I was a DJ for a long time but taking a break from that.

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