Saturday, July 2, 2016

Dog Star Productions July Performer of the Month - Scotty

It is my pleasure to announce that Scotty is Dog Star's Performer of the Month for July 2016!  I've known Scotty for a few months now and he's really a sweet guy.  His sense of humor notwithstanding, (I had to!) he has come a long way as a photographer and model. He's been in 3 Dog Star films and has shot several pictorials for the Dog Star blog (including his own here today!).

Isa:  Generally speaking, where in the world are you from?
Scotty:  I am from the Great state of Texas USA.

Isa:  How did you stumble into Second Life?
Scotty:  I was playing another Game on Yahoo and some friends I played against were talking about it as one of there other friends was always on here.. So I said give me the site and the rest is history.  I have been over here ever since and never gone back to that other game.

 Isa: Tell us about your journey into Second Life pornography?
Scotty:  I was taking pics for my flicker and started meeting new people... from there I started hanging out at Surfers Bay and met a few people in the Industry and started going to the Parties at Emily's which a dear friend Severina invited me to. I then read Emily's blog about how to become a porn star and just start talking and meeting new people at the parties. Then I met Brunella who introduced me to you and you gave me my first break at shooting a film. Been modeling and shooting more and more photography since, as well as movies.

Isa: Do your photographic interests extend into Real Life?
Scotty:  It doesn't.  I have always loved taking pics I just don't take the time to do it in RL like I should. Growing up my Mom and Grandmother ran a photography store where people dropped their film off and they developed it.

Isa:  So you've been exposed to it...
Scotty:  Yes I have been around it the developing side...the artistic side is coming out more and more now through my love of taking Pics on SL.

Isa:  You take many pictorials for the Dog Star blog - what is your motivation to do so?
Scotty:  Why do I do it... I do it because it gives me a chance to not only develop my own skills and always trying to figure out how to make the models look their very best.  That is always my Goal to make the model her best...I focus on the model if I am in a pic with them I put all the focus on them.. Plus I get to always meet new people and start new friendships find out their stories. And it is a lot of fun!

Dog Star films in which Scotty has been in:
Caribbean Queen

Thank you, Scotty, for all of your hard work with Dog Star - more to come!  Scroll down for some stills of Scotty in action from his Dog Star films.

Photo by a frightened Isabelle Cheviot :)

All film stills taken by Isabelle Cheviot.
Scotty - from 'Caribbean Queen'

Scotty (with DreamZ) - from 'Caribbean Queen'
With Demina Dyrssen in 'Daydream'

With Demina Dyrssen in 'Daydream'

With Demina Dyrssen in 'Daydream'

With Aerala and Mirko Panacek in 'Raunch'


  1. Great photographer and a good actor too.

  2. Congratulations Scotty! Well deserved and can't wait to see what is next for you. *Kisses*