Saturday, July 2, 2016

Spending Time With Scotty

   Spending Time With Scotty - pictures by Scotty; story by Isabelle Cheviot

  We showed up at his doorstep a little late but as they say...better late than never.  I had asked him if it was ok if I brought a friend - of course it was...but you know me, polite to a fault. I knew Vanessa was up for a good time so I brought her along.


  Within minutes we were naked...we'd come to his house for one reason and there was no reason to wait.  Vanessa's long tongue lapped at his balls and along his long, pierced shaft while I worked the tip.  Vanessa and I were hungry for cock...and Scotty was not about to deny us.

   I slid easily down onto Scotty's cock with a moan of pleasure.  I can handle a large cock pretty well but it's always a pleasant feeling when one fills me up so snugly.  Vanessa and I kissed each other while we shared him.  Scotty managed to keep up his licking as Vanessa moved her hips rhythmically around in circles.  His tongue soon was dripping with her essence...

  The sounds in the room as we fucked, sucked and licked were wicked.  Lust and desire gave way to an animal-like need.  Vanessa and I kissing wildly as he kept fucking me.....deeper....deeper...over and over....the sweetest penetration.

  It was only fair that we traded places.  I fed Scotty for a change while Vanessa prepared to sit on his thick cock.  She paused for a moment, his cock in her hand...marveling at it.  Once it slid into her, she came beautifully....her eyes wide with pleasure...

  It's a joy to taste yourself on a cock...and to share that with someone is truly memorable.  We licked and sucked Scotty for a while...slowing when he was close to orgasm....speeding up when he relaxed.  We passed his cock back and forth between us, patient for our reward.

   ...and he finally did reward us....his thick, salty warmth filled my mouth and covered my face...dripping down onto Vanessa's pussy, a plate from which I would dine long after Scotty finished.

Vanessa Black
Isabelle Cheviot

Isabelle Cheviot

Scotty (except the cum shot - pic by Isa)

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