Friday, May 4, 2018

Fellatio Friday #89

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Ah forget it, I don't know how to make this text scroll up and away. Yes, it's May the 4th. But it is also, Dog Star (with no wars) Fellatio Friday Episode LXXXIX! See, we have nearly 10 times the episodes AND a triple X! Do you not know what we do on this post? You do and you wanna see who shot first? Well, let's deal with that after the first pic!
Woah this is gonna be bottom-heavy...

Tommy Gun Productions (Thommy Connolly) has been producing what in the porn world is curiously rare to find : sex photoshoots! This one is a beauty from the Dog Day Summer Afternoon series.

Wanna be on this post? It's about cocksucking. No I don't mean you have to pander to me to be in it, I mean the literal act to have a penis in a mouth (or its vicinities...hey titfucks give a certain vibe too, sometimes....) and do the yummy yummy things. In fact, it can even just imply that...and there is an inordinate amount of ice creams and lollipops and the likes around, just saying. Anyway, post your photo on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group, and voila! Will it be published the same week? Maybe not, but that does not mean I don't think highly of your photo! About 20% of this gallery post is not made of 'current' photos, I like to mix it up. Also, seriously, who cares if a random chick put your photo in a blog post or not? This is simply a collection of pics to start your day, a day that somehow now is identified with this 'meme'. A glorious day of naughty photomaking we hope! Awake the Schwartz and get on with it!

an untitled shot by Paula Berger

2018-04-27_05-11-59 - Ciara Kristal

Such pretty boys - Rubber Gurl

Blow the road - cain Mcbain

Blowing news - Cathy Palen

Headgames of Thrones - Chase Stone

Full Service - Ali Denali

Just a kiss - Clio Rexxen

Kinky Wedding - Angie Wild Warden (Oyo Mills)

He watches, and I work - Riska Demina

This is from the Notorious B.E.N.'s Dungeon Delight, his blog has so many wonderful shots!

The Backdoor Quickie 6/6 - Nicko


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - Kirra Frantic

The therapy couch - Jackie Madison

Drained - Eddric Dayne

Poolside BJ - Curty Dovgal

Someone wouldn't stop talking - Mellie Criss

HAM Angel and Logan - Darkangel69 Vig

aaaand HAM Surfers Beach - Logan O'Leary

untitled and super-hot by Ellen Saint

pic worth a thousand words - Layla Presley

Fall - Weer Stand

3someSFM-2 - jenna Elena

Mad to the Max - Victoria Oryl

and ... Mad to the Max - River Anwyl

good shot (ha!) by Franky Demonge in his Playing with Alexa album

Catnapped 8/10 - Sammi F (check the full photoset out!)

Nylon lollipop - Sandra Palletier

Even girls like to - Traci Quandry

Snapshot_017 - Thiago Scalli

Fun with Ali & Yana - Larry Vinaver

RR1130 - Roberta Romano

Mama Likes - Marcus Strong

Fellatio Friday - Paying it Forward - Storm Greystoke

Memorable Time - Finn Hawthorne

ma gym3 - Marius Iscariot (check more of him with Apryl Twist here )

DIY Yumminess - Melina Jameson

And to end this post, I did have to sneak in something sci-fi, wiht this...unusual situation depicted in Euhm, Robot? part of Thorgal McGillivary's Adventures of SpaceSheriff Dick Tasty. And then...Yeah well. It's BigD Elcano. With Luv!

Allright guys, hope this day will be out of this world and...oh God i am finally done with the starry puns for today. Enjoy!

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