Friday, May 11, 2018

Fellatio Friday #90

Hello and welcome to yet another Dog Star Fellatio Friday! It's # 90! 90, can you imagine? No, not 19, 90! Like the latitude of the poles! Now speaking of poles....gosh, trying to make these little hooks is harder than it looks. AND SPEAKING OF, hmm, these actually look already pretty darn hard. They all tend to be like that on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on Flickr (that misbehaving lil beast) where you should submit your BJ photos and....
Ah, but I am getting a-head of myself. Let's give proper introductions starting with...well, a happy ending, actually! Oh gosh, today is gonna be a weird day. So, our first pic is...

A sensual double entendre (both being hot AF!) in Cum For Me by Vixxen Rainbow

Good, let's focus now! BJ photos I was saying. A BJ can be implied, it can be a 'before', an 'after' 'instead' I guess? Surprise me! Most important, surprise the good people who browse the group and will enjoy your work on this day - no focusing on 'being published', please: so many times I 'save' the best shots of the week for a different occasion, and some of you are so effin amazing and productive that end up on this post every week - and with a huge backlog of shots to publish, still! Only one pic per person will be published in each weekly post, no exceptions whatsoever, and...I think I have padded this paragraph enough and you must be looking at me like the lady in the shot below. Let's get it on!

Whatcha lookin' at? - River Anwyl

Thirst... - Damien Godard

Almost the weekend - Ashratum

Tattoes mix in the night - Jenna Elena (check the whole set!)

Conflict of the senses - Ted Dosei

Caressed - Eddric Dayne

Community Outreach - Las Claven

Gwen Maya - Citius Green

Devoured - Chase Stone

Taste it! - Jesto Kormann

Clean your mess up - Curty Dovgal

Devoted Binary - Zoe Willows

Cuckhold - Marcus Strong

Cumming out - Michelle's First Time from Tommy Gun productions' sex photoshoot by that name!

emma_002 - Franky Demonge from the 'Emma, my dirty slut' album

ON THE JOB SITE - Vanessa Delight

Night Bus - Geordie Richards

Partner : Kim Putzo - Paula Berger

Pleasure among the folds - Roselenna Rishmal

Faithfull - Sandra Palletier

Slap-a-bitch - Jackie Madison

Sybian Inspiration - Luke Fortacos

Without Hands_001 - Bane W Caedus (check the set!)

Untitled by .Doom.

Well blow me! - Larry Vinaver

Wanting - M.NA. Dalliance - Jadelyn McAuley

Oral Fixation - Heather Ashford

20180313_Jhoan_001 - Cristina Pera (look at her RLD album for more assorted humanity!)

Curty & Shaina's enjoyment - Dax Rahl

Smoke Break - Vii Oryl

Sucking him exactly as he likes it - Lisa Lowan

Coming home - Clio Rexxxen

Storm - Wife, Lover Slave - Storm Greystoke

Suck - Alexis Futanari

Punished Pt2 - Sammi F (Bosoms)

And to close the post...Usually I pick photos who are particularly 'tall' and would make you scroll too much. And I am gonna, in fact probably this is the stretchiest pic I have ever published. But first, here's 3 is the perfect number by the ever wonderful Zuby Gloom, whose longass description made me scroll during the moderation queue an inordinate amount of time. Sheesh, Zu! :p .
Okay, enjoy the last photo...hey it's actually 2, sweat 3 and sweat 4, by Jaque Stout!

See? Tricked you when I said 'no exceptions whatsoever'! Okay, that's it for another week of cocksucking! See you soon (uhm, in a week I guess?) and stay strong!

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