Monday, May 14, 2018

Finish the Story - with Ivan Yerkinov

Think you have some good porn ideas?  I know many of you have really wicked minds!!  Let's put that to the test!  I took some pics with Ivan Yerkinov recently and have a little story to go with them.  But I want YOU to decide how the story ends!  Read down to the bottom of the post for instructions. 💋 


I was on time for my interview with Mr. Yerkinov and when he showed me into his office, I sat down comfortably and prepared myself to be bombarded with questions.  I was a bit nervous but he made me feel very much at home, and we eased into a fun conversation about the job, our goals and objectives, and what he was looking for in this position.

He asked me to read some portions of my resume and invited me to get comfortable while I did so.  Instinct took over and I plopped myself down on his desk.  I'm not sure that was the right thing to do or not but it seemed right at the time.

Before too long, I was flirting with him pretty openly.  God, he's so gorgeous!  I couldn't help myself.  I wetten instantly at the sight of a handsome man in a suit.  So much power and authority! Things were moving pretty quickly but I didn't mind.  I just didn't want him to think I was trying to flirt my way into the job, but.... thing led to another and pretty soon I was making out with Mr. Yerkinov.  My mind was racing at this point, thinking maybe I should try to be more professional...but he tasted like strength, if that makes sense, and I couldn't help myself.

                                                    Which I guess is why I pulled his cock out of his pants and started jerking him off. this point I was pretty much running on auto least I'm predictable!

Despite its thickness, I easily slid his cock into my mouth and began sucking him.  I pressed my tongue up against his shaft as it moved in and out of me, using it to guide his member as he fucked my mouth.  He tasted so yummy!

                                                                                                                   He soon returned the favor...telling me to take off my dress (he's the boss, hopefully!).  His tongue slid between my pussy lips and he explored my personal geography, licking and nibbling and driving me wild with lust... imagine how good it felt when he finally entered me, sliding his amazing cock right inside me and slowly thrusting into me.  I could feel every inch of his manhood way up inside me...god, he was hung...

                                                  Before long he was fucking me hard.  Powerful men know how to start slow and when to increase the tempo...Mr. Yerkinov certainly was skilled and he fucked me with perfection...I squealed with delight as I put my legs on his shoulders, feeling his strength and power inside me!

And then he flipped me over and fucked me from behind. I put a leg up on the table to steady myself and he fucked me hard...I wondered for a moment if I was helping or hurting my chances of getting this job...but at that moment his balls slapped against my clit and I stopped wondering and came on his big dick.  Fuck yeah!

                                                     And he didn't stop or let up.  He kept thrusting into me with deep, powerful strokes as I came...the walls of my pussy gripping him tightly, undulating with my orgasmic delight.  Most men would have lost it right there...but Mr. Yerkinov kept up his pace in total control...what a stud.

He grabbed my hips and continued to slam into me...I was totally surrendered to him.  I wondered if I did get the job if this was a regular occurrence...or how many girls before me did he fuck like this?  Was I being auditioned?  All I could focus on was the sound of our bodies colliding together as he fucked me like a champion.

I knew I could cum one more time...and climbing up on top of him, I rubbed my clit while I slid down on his orgasm came quickly and I made a little juicy mess which dripped down his balls onto his desk....oops.

After what seemed like a beautiful eternity, he flipped me over and jerked himself....his orgasm aimed for my tits and hungry mouth.  It seems silly now but I was so eager for this man to cover me with his strength and power...I wanted it all over me...

Which is exactly what I got.  Good lord the man kept shooting his thick spunk all over face, my tongue, my tits...and I couldn't have been happier. 

But just one question remains....


You decide!  Post comments on how this story should continue or end.  I'll take the one I think is the most clever or interesting (or hottest) and Ivan and I will shoot that scene and publish it.  I look forward to seeing your sexy ideas!

To be continued....


  1. After few minutes lying there at the top of his table he decided to stand-up put up his clothes while his junk is still pretty hard to look at. He looks at me with still blazing eyes that can perversely hooking up my soul into his. I get up to get my blouse on and trying to act graciously as if nothing happened.

    He sat on his chair and take some tissues to wipe his sweat all over his face and my lipstick that locked on to his neck while vividly the act that happened earlier flashed back at me....just good dicking inside of me....and his voice, his commanding voice overpowering my subconscious.

    I was back at the reality when he handed me a folder a contract with his sign and the terms and agreement. He said in his quite seductive voice, "Working under me has lots of benefits, you'll get a house of you're own perhaps you're own apartment. A nice social life beyond this wall because I have connection that a lot of other bosses don't. Although there's one thing that I ask you can read it at the last page of the contract. I have plenty of needs [her name] and I need to get satisfied."

    At that point, I was filled with excitement, delight and plenty of wonders what was it like to live in a high-life. I folded the page one by one as I swallowed my own spit because of the tension that I feel while his gaze at me like a hungry lion ready to devour again his meal.

    I look over the last page and get gushed over what I am actually reading. I was trying to absorb what was the real responsibility behind the luxurious benefits that I came across in the earlier page. It was really tempting and I have no loss in both ways, that's what I probably thinking right now.

    "....whenever the needs arises, I shall be able to have a sexual contact with my confidant with or without hesitation. She shall not object any kind of sexual act that I demand given that in every sexual act we do is a cash of $10,000 shall be deposited to her bank account at the next working days. She must not take any anti-pregnancy pill and if she is before this contract she must withdraw in it at once. She must get tested for any sexual diseases every month to ensure she is clean. "

    .....^_^ AlegraMoonwalk

    1. I love this but tell me I sign the agreement and if I do, what's the next scene?