Friday, June 8, 2018

Fellatio Friday #94

Hello and welcome! It's that time of the week again, when penises (penes? penii ?well okay, cocks!) get sucked, licked, nibbled on and all sort of stuff! Well, they do the stuffing...You got what I mean. Actually, all those things happen all week long - thankfully! who would like to be limited in their diet and entertainment to just one day a week? - but Friday is the designated day for sharing them. I know you obviously read these introductions avidly so I feel obliged to tell you more about it. Not before I have told you some interesting facts about my day, though. 
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Taste Him by Tegan Malone. We are all about being tasteful!

Huh? We don't have a page 94? Well fine then, here's your infos: this post is made with photos uploaded on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, on Flickr. You gotta join it! Seriously! If you are even remotely into the whole cocksucking thing, this is the group to subscribe to! Plenty themed photos every day get added, and the group is moderated so it has only 'topical' shots published. Well, except when I get silly and add anything that suggest a bj without technically being one...but hey, it's about having fun with the theme! Speaking of having fun, pics are chosen on purpose early in the day, arbitrarily and monocratically, from the timespan encompassing the whole group life, often delaying them for particular themes, dates, and pairings so...don't worry about 'making it' , it's not really the point! Okay, enough with this, and enjoy!

Cats Cream - Jewell Infinity

Gear Check Up - Victoria Oryl

Mean what you say - Ted Dosei

Fellatio Friday! - Ayara illios

Expelliarmus - Jade Doet

Focus - PJ Thornton

Happy Friday - Grim Skall

How You Used To Make Me Feel - Leannan McCormick

...Fellatio Friday.. - Miciona Clarity

Fellatio Friday - Darkangel69 Vig

She crept up on him and woke him up. - Morgan Wanderer

Rezzday treat - Ayela

Between Friends&Lovers - Riska Demina

Happy Ass Family - Sammijo Wolfsong

04 - Thiago Scalli

Fellatio Friday - Chase Stone from his previous exhibition at Forbidden Fruit Gallery

Felatio Friday Sex Club with Vixxen and Kisses - Kelli Kristan

Feeding for Kitty - Sammi F

MINE Kimba - Fellatio Friday - Storm Greystoke

Sonji & Ice 4 - Sonji Prevost (seen her spead on our blog by Rachel Avro?)

BJ time - Monica

His Chair - Wyatt Stone

Coneheads - Carter Holloway

Ravana: Make It Rain - Nakuru Bergamasco

Nasty - Abhati O

no choice - Kacey Monai

Snapshot_022 - Nescolet

Puppy's Bone - Alicia Pudles

PhatCats Date Night_046 - BabyMesmeriser

Francine...throat fucked - Sam Dellaux

She-Hulk has a Dirty Secret - Kassie Martian Shaw

Force Fed - Archangel Skytower

Black and White - Runa Cos

Corrupted Soul - Sandra Palletier

Lick it slowly - Marcus Strong


GREEDY BUNNY_17082018_00 - Carla Draesia

And we close with our picture # 8'000!! Featuring Kaoru Kira and Aura Kira , by Aura Kira !
And to wrap the post up, it's "tall and lanky picture" time: enjoy a pair of shots from Weer Stand, Debiphone 2 and Smile & Simobile 1 !

Have a great Friday!

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