Friday, June 29, 2018

Fellatio Friday #95 (and 1/2)

At last, welcome to another Fellatio Friday post! Normally I have a hard time coming up with what to write on this first paragraph, but today it's so simple! You may have noticed (and thanks to those who wrote me in the past couple weeks) that we skipped a couple 'episodes' : I apologize, but sadly due to unforeseen  circumstances I lost access to my good old flickr account (sigh), and various byzantinisms in the Flickr customer care (I received mails from both a Yahoo and a SmugMug team, who have not talked to each other, apparently) kept me kinda in a limbo.

Long story short: I am gonna use at least for the time being for FF the account linked to Gemini Gallery, and may open a new personal one soon. I will probably also do at least a catch-up gallery sometime soon, because...why not.

You can always tell..... by Traci Quandry. Just how I felt going through the backlog!

So, this FF gallery is a post showcasing a fraction of the work posted every day on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group, the biggest themed group of its kind! Like every blog gallery, and I have done a few these years, it's a creature with a life of its own, meant to display a variety of work, with photos heavily different in tone, approach, choices, and ability and focus in the many areas that make a production noteworthy. It's great to see that themes spark creativity, and I urge you to join the group, take a look and contribute! Only requirement? Make a photo that includes or is themed around cocksucking. Which means also, it can merely imply/suggest it. You'll see examples...for instance, well...

Happy Felatio Friday - Brea Brianna

Siren and the Fisherman - Tegan Malone

D&C Contest ~ Candy {FF} - Tori Grayce

Candy - Barracuz

FF with Tegann - Darnell Carter

Samantah Foxy - Melanie Araw

Afternoon Delight 1 - Beca Staheli

ready for second round - Purplerain Exonar

Let Me Take Care of You . Chase Stone

Arina - Sunjaysweet

Bang Gang! - Tatiana Easterwood

ღCIARAღ-6/6 FF! - Uri Jefferson

Silhouette - Ivan Yerkinov

International D-Lite (Fellatio Friday) - Alexandria Topaz

Can't stop, addicted to... - Sandra Palletier

im gonna call him Mr Tickles - Pretty Perion

Loverboy with Ali Fox - Dax Rahl

Breakfast of champions - River Anwyl

Behind the club.. - Amy Starr

Fellatio Friday with Seddy - Kelli Kristan

Moonlight Tryst - Curty Dovgal

Kneel and worship - Aria Horan

Feeding lust - Zuby Gloom

So that's how she got her name.... - Tour Diddy

Felony Fellatio - Archangel Skytower

Any time, Any place.. - Kat Capelo

Next Time, Say "Ahhh" - Debi Withfield

I only accept my apologies in bread or head. Fuck imma do with a sorry... - Nicko

FF w/ Jori - Cody Aethmorot

Conan 4 - Grimblood Skall

Rezzday Fuck - Carola Conover

Feeding the Beast - Luke Fortacos

Aina's Cowgirl Casting Call - Marcus Strong

Fellatio Friday - Cutey and the Cock - Cheryl Reddevil

Medic! - Ben John 9

Heavenly Taste - Jewell Infinity

the busines trip continues -Tatusia Snowflake

But It Won't Fit - Vixxen Rainbow

Feeding me slowly - Ayela

 - And we close this post with a Double Treat : literally of course, since both shots are extra yummy, but no, really, that's the title for Scotty's photo with Dianna and Vixxen , plus Please , another excellent photo by the beautiful Isla Grace.

That's it for today. Catch you soon for some more appetizing photos!

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  1. Wonderful work as always and appreciate the dedication, working through the flickr issues and everything, to bring this to the community. Great job. :-)