Friday, June 1, 2018

Fellatio Friday #93

Ninety-tree to y'all! Yes, of course this is Fellatio Friday #93, the 94th (well yes, we did have a holiday special..) instalment of the ongoing weekly series of suckilicious posts dedicated to the noble art of knob slobbering! But if amongst you there's any Thelemite, I was greeting them. No, not the wood-eating insect, despite the abundance of that material here in a figurative way....Okay I think I've put enough nonsense in this paragraph to be happy about myself. already, so follow me down for the usual disclaimer, and let's start!

Delightfully Redheads! Who doesn't like them? 
Rachel Avro shows that even girl-girl pics can do Fellatio right!

So, Dog Star Fellatio Friday is the flickr group this blog post draws the pictures from. One pic per person per week tops, fellatio themed! But as you have just seen above, you don't really need to have a dick on the pic to be in there, imagine that! Be creative, use your innuendo powers, and enjoy the fun that every week people have sharing their photos around the theme. This blog post just contributes to Fellatio Friday by gathering some shots spreading the word (and the love!) about what its members (ha!) have shared, that week but also wayyy back. A hot pic never ages!
Now let's go down on...i mean get down to business, enjoy!

Morning Commute  - Rachel Swallows

Joystick - Jesto Kormann

Naughy Thoughts - Jenna Elena

Ain't Too Proud to Beg - Lylah Landar (and check Bryan's version too!)

Getting to know the HOTY Kisses - Hoobs

Feed Me - Vixxen Rainbow

Hard Times in the Lagoon - Kenzie Reeves

Meat for Feeding - Luke Fortacos

fav candy on fallatio day - Suz

A Big Surprise... - Ivan Yerkinov
(and remember to enjoy the  whole set Isa did with him, and write how you'd like it to continue!)

#Bareback - Kayah Slade

69ing it - Curty Dovgal

basketball set5 - NichoStar

Midnight rendezvous - Ayela

!!Rachel priming him - Sean Kelley

Extraction - Scotty

and Coal Miner's Daughter gets a lesson in Extraction - Tegan Malone (check the album!)

Fun with me - Samy Love Wild

Snapshot_069 - BigD Elcano

occasus21617_006 - Elroy Click, from his photoset with Occasus Jayaram

Kimba FF later_006 - Storm Greystoke (oh my so much goodness on his FF album!)

Look here, boi - Sandra Palletier

OPEN THAT MOUTH - Vanessa DeLight

Taking It To The Head-Fellatio Friday - Alexandria Topaz

Make Me Pose - Fuzzy Ace & Salva - Sasquatch Rhino

Housewarming Present - BenJohn9

Untitled by Jaffe Varriale

Gettin head on the beach (Greedly Lil Slut) Bruice and Vanessa - Bruice Capalini

Friday... - Clio Rexxen

Flavor of the week Debut! - Lexi Fizzle debuting a new series in the Shire!

Swallow and drink my juice, bitch - Jimmy Windstorm

Tenderness - Chase Stone

Date Night With Renni - Renascentia

A Mouthful - Marcus Strong

Picture Perfect - Zoe Willows

And after Zoe, here's the newer artist proudly on display at Gemini Gallery (shameless plug?). This is I Love Rock'n'Roll by Aria Horan, who will actually bring the Funk to the pornstar party later today, in an event showcasing never seen before shots from her spread on the freshly released SL Unplugged !
And to close this post, a wonderful photo by HaileyMarie Redrose, with a wonderful model in Jodie Darling. H.A.M. - The Warmest Welcome .

That's it for today, enjoy all the yummy goodness and see you next week!

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