Friday, November 2, 2018

Fellatio Friday #112

Hello and welcome, for the 112th time, to Dog Star Fellatio Friday, your Friday way-stop in a whole week of mouthwatering debauchery! I should toss a trick-or-treat double entendre at you since I have sprinkled this post with a bunch of your creepy, cutey, sometimes even gorey photo eyecandies, but obviously Halloween is behind us, and it's  time to move on. Which means, set your xmas tree already! Okay, okay, maybe not quite now. But, anyway, without further ado's time for further ado, aka the 'disclaimer'! That's after our first photo tho..

How could I not lead with such a dispassionate ode to the present? This is " Friday's are the best day of the week" by Gangrul. Delish!

So, what do I have to say here? But of course that this is a post based on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, from flickr! And now I am gonna stray from the usual dry disclaimer approach: I've picked up a lot of nervousness and even anger over the upcoming changes in the Basic account policy. There are so many contributors of this group who have thousands of photos, and starting February those may have to be deleted, which saddens me of course - I really wish it'd be possible for every photo posted in this group to stay part of the pool, but I know it won't be possible (dang, just now that we are so close to the 10k photos mark!). And I am of course worried about the future, with the community losing valuable members and disperding across several websites who don't offer the same possibilities for sharing. We'll see what the future holds, for now, enjoy this presentation!

Dat Girl - Barracuz

cock face - Coco (Shnucks Swashbuckler)

kate2_007.png - Franky Demonge

Sex in and on the coffin ... - Koko Tigerauge

TexasRob6 - Vixxen Rainbow (check the whole album with her contribution to Hush magazine!)

Start the day of a pornstars - Nichostar

Snapshot_234 - SamySaintClaire

He had cream for a cake - Deliah Seerose

Upside Down..You're turnin me - Kat Storm

Worshipping - Eamon O'Sullivan

First encounter with the demon. - JC Underwood

Stoned In Love Old School - Storm Greystoke

The Vampire and the sleeping Man - Paula Berger

Jenna Gets a Taste - Marcus Strong

Happy Halloween Bitches on a Fellatio Friday - Kayla Whittaker

BJ in electro club - Jade Doet

Sex in the Graveyard Suprize - Willow Eris

Men In Black IV: Instruction - Igor Romanov (take a look at the series so far!)

I have no candies - Sandra Palletier

A perfect Monday - TourDiddy

Untaming The Snake - Uri Jefferson

Midnight snacking - Traci Quandy

Double Dip FF - Scotty

Eat my heart ... later! - SunjaSweet

Getting started Licking that beautiful delicious Cock - Aurora Rose

Pretty Twisted Shower - Pretty Perion

Joker Wins! - Kassie Martian

The Dreams of Sister Rachel - Rachel Swallows, from her higly enjoyable photoset taken for Attention Magazine's September issue: "Night at the movies"

friday double pleasure - Ludwig Sabretooth


an untitled photo by Jaffe Varriale !

Fellatio Friday - Anders Engelsson

Here's a screenshot from Miss Emily's Halloween flick, featuring Mellie Criss: Be Careful What You Wish For !

Cheerleader's Dorm - Dokielicious Doobie

Bored - Dax Rahl

Why choosing between a blonde and a brunette when you can have both? #sisters - Badgalsam

beach_001 - Ladaka

The Kiss - Torsten Holst

Stop horsing around! - Vii Anwyl

explore ALL - Kasim O

edited Snapshot_068 - Cass Leslie

Charm Offensive - Jewell Infinity

So today I am closing with a screenshot from the latest Dog Star movie, something I hope you have seen, considering it is a perfect Halloween movie...but not just! If you have been following throughout the years Isabelle Cheviot's movies, you should by now know how daring she can be. The Uninvited (An Allegory) is a must see ! (Oh I know this is her blog, but I don't need to suck up to the boss ...just watch the movie and let me know if you think the praise was undue!)
And the final photo is a creation from the ever kinky Notorious B.E.N. featuring Cheryl Reddevil in this spectacular pictorial, Naughty Neon. As usual, just a photo is not enough, you have to check out the whole photoshoot on his blog!

Have a great Friday, and a 1'000 more after that! See you next week.

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