Friday, November 16, 2018

Fellatio Friday #114

Hello and welcome to another glorious parade of palpitating uh, peens? Hm, this came out a bit odd, alliteration is not always the best way to go. So here's the deal: we've got this awesome flickr group, it's called Dog Star Fellatio Friday. You join it, put your Fellatio related photos in it (also, put a cock in the appropriate hole, or somewhere somewhat close or about to), and we make it awesome-r! How does that sound? Good, right? Because it's what you have been doing for two years now, and even through the flickr changes that no doubt will have some impact starting February, we are only growing more and more by the day, week and season!

Fruits are ripe for the sucking, ehm, plucking, with "Harvest", a sweet autumnal pic by River Anwyl!

Weekly we post here photos picked from the group pool, choosing just one per person, and looking at a myriad of factors. We don't always go with the flavour of the week, the most recent photo, the ones with more faves and not even (necessarily!) the ones we liked the most. Also, we talk about ourselves in majestic plural, because we are kinda dicks. Which makes us perfect for this post, but do not feel you have to suck up to us: bring your best (or worst!) in photos, share them on Flickr, in the in world porn groups and have fun! I'll see you for a quick bye at the bottom of the post

Practice Makes Perfect - ZimmiW

Public Disgrace - Loz Falconer

Chin up - ZackSpalding

There are some things a man just cannot resist... - Kat Storm

Untitled by Annagje Lara

Just a Taste - Traverse Slade

Rick & Ali 3 - Argosi Domenici (whole sexy album here)

Gimmie More  - Kalika Juliesse

Instant Impression - Eamon O'Sullivan

69 Reps Per Set - Dokielicious Doobie

Monkey and Lea Nov 15 3 - Leannan McCormick

Monkey and Lea Nov 15 5 - Monkey Jackson

Gregory and i-5 - Aura Kira

Forbidden Fruit Inc - from the Harvest series by Tourdiddy (visit the awesome gallery!)

Feeding the sissy - Satomi Kano

Snapshot_011 - BigD Elcano

A shot from the glorious Redhead in the Red Room by Notorious B.E.N.

Asleep and in danger.  - Peter (Morgan Wanderer)

cathy s and rudolf s bedroom - JIMMY Windstorm

Untitled by Paula Berger

...F...Diets... - Emily Eames

Untitled - Mitya Dimas


Hot - Carter Holloway

Feeding time with Rachel - Logan O'Leary

Hi!..... - Pretty Perion

Fun time at pool side - Liruu

Sex on the Beach ... again ... - Koko Tigerauge

Open Wide - Chase Stone

Snapshot_018 - Larry Vinaver

Unexpected stranger. Taking control. - Maurice BadBoy

messy girl - Jesse&Karen

Living the dream. - Stacey Lucciano

Fellatio Friday - Lesley Aristocrat

The kiss of a prince - Sandra Palletier (check the set out here!)

Party at the Club 3 - Ava Tar

Picking apples - Traci Quandry

hard at work 2 - Torsten Holst

April ONeil- I Married A Mutant 5 - Marcus Strong (and obviously, the album is here!)

Anticipation -  Vii Anwyl

And we close (for now!) with ....odd appendages and such presenting Breeding Games by Vixxen Rainbow, created for her exhibition at Gemini Gallery (now showing, come check it out!) and with one more lovely photo from Kera Firecaster, wishing you a Happy Friday!

Which incidentally is what I am doing now! Have fun and do a good job at sucking!

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