Friday, April 5, 2019

Fellatio Friday #134

Here we go! Another eye-popping and mouth-watering week for Dog Star Fellatio Friday!
Week 134, and to celebrate it, my news feed tells me that Venice had just today an 'Acqua alta' tide peak of exactly 134 cms! Now this is commitment to the cause, highly symbolic , but let's not get this far next time. I do hope that watching this gallery will inevitably result in someone getting wet. I know that's the effect it has on me. Let's start with...and do not take this one title seriously either , I do not want more natural calamities unleashed for today....

"Erupt", the latest fellatio artwork from Laura Richards. We appreciate the use of eye protection.

Disclaimer time now! The post is based on photos submitted to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group. We accept, welcome and actively seek all sorts of pics related to the fastest growing e-sport in the world (ok maybe not but certainly the most entertaining!) ,and that is: taking cocksucking pics! Join if you haven't yet and submit your pics any day of the week!
We feature on Fridays some sexcellent shots in this post: since it encompasses months and months of work, while being based on the current week it won't necessarily feature everything or the best of said week (and never more than one pic per person anyway).
Enjoy taking them and sharing them, and see you at the end of the post!

N&A: Massage The Throat - Nakuru Bergamasco

Wild BJ - through Zoey Wild, a hot photo by Stifler

Loving my fanboys - Jade Doet

Helping Hands - Melina Jameson

wearin n sharin =D - Emma Janeway

Facefucked 👅 - Steffi Sissy

HAM and Balls - Eddric Dayne

Justy - Ricky Kariunga

Intense Love of Cock....Mine - David Storm

THE SURVIVOR EPISODE 04 - Kylie Cavalli in another fun set

My baby Candi............ works very hard.............. at making our home welcoming and comfortable............. xoxo - Mike Olson

DOING THE PIGGIE_01042019_002 - Cathy Serrari

Felatio Friday 4-5-19 - Regina Willard

For your own good - Sandra Palletier (and wow, what a hot series ! )

here's a take from another one of Isabelle Cheviot's victims in Monster Cocks of Porn, an original series from and for this blog. This is from the post featuring Monique Lefry

Bound, Blindfolded and Cock Gagged - Sweet Poison

Voyeur Paparazzi - Zolmir

I've got what you need - Gangrul (plus, check the sexy take by the model, Renni herself!)

Queen With Her Young King - Abhati O

Showing Out - Rajakumari Sundara

sorry! couldn't hold it - Purplerain Exonar

innocent look - Audie Revnik

How Rina Jonas Became a Model - Marcus Strong

an untitled by Shana Wild

meeting chelsea - Danielly Arsura

start him up! - Monkey Jacksen

my strange addiction - Emma Janeway

Sure Shot - Lesley Aristocrat

Ponygirl BJ - Alexis Futanari

270 by Mandi Will (and yes, that means she is working on another huge...series!

Daddy's Plaything Sara Uralia 2/2 - Nicky Delicioso

Daddy's Girl - Chrissy Storm

Threesome Thursday with Zoey - Logan O'Leary

And we have a wrap this week with another winning gag by Jenna Elena featuring the lovely Simone in Night secret, and a naughty post by the always hot Morningstar (morningbeasty), Caught Cyborgs can be usefull.

That's it for today! Enjoy your Friday and drink responsibly!

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