Friday, April 19, 2019

Fellatio Friday #136

Hello and welcome to yet another Dog Star Fellatio Friday post! it's #136 to be exact. Such a significant number! How to forget 136 BC, when, according to Wikipedia, "Carneades retires as head of the Platonic Academy and is replaced by Carneades"? Admit it, it's this kind of quality infotainment that makes you await eagerly this post! I can only say that you get what you paid for!
Okay, time to get this show on the road and do it with....

Safety first? This is Bobber by River Anwyl
Publishing this pic may make your insurance premium skyrocket, just saying!

Okay, now let's go straight to the end, just a wide selection of sexy photos for your viewing pleasure!
As usual I'll clarify first that pictures are taken from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group pool: join it to check out the largest SL group of its kind on flickr, and submit your photos if you like! One pic per week may be published here, not necessarily the most recent one. Enjoy!

It's all I can think about - Zuby Gloom

Sinful Taste - Chase Stone

Hunger - Jessie G

Hot Sun (Part 4) - Morgan Talbot

Blow the Patron - Cheryl Reddevil

Cum for dinner.. - Jeza May

Apolly getting her taste - Dax Rahl

country evening mouthfuck - Ludwig Sabretooth

Close in a Big City 16 - Bruice capalini (and check out the full set!)

Dinner for Two - Keanna Appletor

BBC loving whores  - Teryl Nox

This is one of the hot shots by Ellen Saint for Forbidden Fruit Inc!

Lustful Bite ... - Koko Tigerauge

Only Allowed Her To Blow - Alexis Futanari

Through Melinda knoller a picture courtesy of dylan sciarri

On The Job Training - Ivan Yerkinov

Sharing is bliss! - Melina Jameson

 SLUTS MILKING A BBC_ 14042019_002 - Cathy Serrari

slutting - Onyx marabana

Blowjob on the bentley - Zoey Wild

allmine - Eden

Indoor Pool - Emily Pia Mia Moore

Loving Licks - Lesley Aristocrat

soft BDSM - Jimmy Windstorm

Untitled by Doom

The Farmers Daughter - Marcus Strong

To serve and submit - Zeyne

Courtesy - Sandra Palletier

Untitled by Jaffe Varriale

photostudio_1548179604859 - Andre Santos

Plastique without name - Kittyinda Henhouse

Lick or not to lick - Jewell Infinity

All you need is love - David Storm

Such pleasure! - Peter Wanderer

Comfy between boobies - Paula Berger

Untitled by Bitchy Gypsy

B&W BJ (FF) - Sweet Poison

how to train a girl - Fututio

Again a reminder of the hot series by Isa : Monster Cocks of Porn! This from the early episde featuring the yumminess from Nakuru Bergamasco!

And we close this edition, which brought a handful of country life scenes, with If You Want Happy Chickens You have To Look After Your Cock by Laura Richards, and with Jukebox Hero, one of the latest works by a relative newcomer who is delivering excellent material,  Wyle Edelbrock.

Have a great Good Friday, and may you find the best surprises in your eggs! I don't even know if that was an innuendo. Seriously, what is up with that.

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