Friday, April 12, 2019

Fellatio Friday #135

Welcome, boys and girls! It's that time of the week, time for Dog Star Fellatio Friday CXXXV ! Triple X photos for your mouthwatering and peenhardening experience called, yes, Fellatio Friday! Posted early in the day (or as early as RL and flickr's moody behaviour allows!), this post collects a bunch of hot photos from the week - and from the centennial ( if weeks were years?) history of the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group and urges you to do more, since it's such a fun thing to do!

So we'll be doing some Spying ! following Paula's example!

The post pays a little tribute to the creativity and naughtiness the many contributors share in what is the biggest SL oral sex group, with plenty of exciting entries we cover in here, with the caveat that it features just one per person per week. And of course not every picture makes it right away, or it'd be over 100 pics long every week! We try to mix things up and keep it entertaining, going for a mix of different poses, situations, models and all that. It's not a 'best of' and I hope it's gonna be a good visual experience!
Enough intros and disclaimers , join the group if you haven't !

the subway - Emily Pia Mia Moore

Kimmy come to visit - Larry Vinaver (and enjoy the full album, here!)

Getting Ready - Carola Conover

tjs - Sofia LaFontaine

The Switch - Scottie Leigh

Incoming - Traci Quandry

I love My Life - David Storm

BBC whore filled and covered with black sperm... - Teryl Nox

Zoey fellatio friday - Stifler

~BJ Noises~ - Christina Vilda (with a heck of a hot clip included!)

Screaming in Lust - Koko Tigerauge

Moonlight fellatio - Kelli Kristan

The OMG Moment - Casey Diamondfire

Succumb - Sandra Palletier

Mouthing the Goodness - Regina Willard

Open Wide - Bad Wolf Productions (eyeballeater resident)

Open Wide - Bette Paige

Open Wide - Marcus Strong (you see a trend here? :p)

Let me help you open wider -Vixxen Clowes

This one is a screenshot from the latest by Dog Star! Isabelle Cheviot brings us Cuckholded , featuring Isa herself, Mark Steiner, the cuck and Donal Duck! Well sorta! Check it out if you haven't yet!

Wu Jing-Mei and Delicious (42) - Truck  Turner The Mack

Lollipop - Jade Doet

Eye Contact - Alexis Futanari

THE LAWS OF STORM - The way to make him pleasure - Chrissy Storm

Day of the Secretary - Fututio

Pressed - Sion Bedrosian

Heather and her all day sucker..... - Sam Dellaux

Serious business - Osiris LeShelle

rusty sucks cock - Jimmy Windstorm

Curious White girl - Jonny Hung

Morning at Maui - Monkey Jacksen

Such a sweet sex pet................ Honey just loves her duties............... xoxo - Michael Olson

Sharing is Caring - Natalia Lavender

Back alley - Liruu

House of O - Abhati O

And we close with a screenshot from the latest Intergalactic SLUTS episode, from of course MissEmilyXXVIII : it's the V from the III season (yes, today I am doing as romans do). It's called Pʊɫˈkʰɛ and it follows the IGS tradition of wacky space epic that Seth McFarlane would do if he did porn, basically it's The PornVille! And my very last shot I offer to your viewing pleasure is a personal fave of mine from the ever wonderful Monique LeFry. No words for it, besides 'Thank you', for this Too Hungry to Wait. You do know what I love!

 Okay, enough for today, I am famished! Please enjoy your Friday and keep sucking in the best possible way!

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