Friday, July 5, 2019

Fellatio Friday #147

Hello and welcome! It's Friday, it's a REALLY hot Friday, and the group received this week again submissions in the triple digits, which is And with all these 'wow' photos, let's get started!
You need a disclaimer, know what this post is and all that? No, of course you don't....but I'll pretend.

Here's Miami Motel 2/2 by Notorious B.E.N. ! You can find the whole yumtastic shoot on his blog - maybe also the address of the motel, go on and check the page out!

This post is based on the photos submitted to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, on Flickr! People like to post fellatio posts on fridays, so...that's why it's called that way! We gather Friday's favourite flickr flava here on this page, taking pics from the current week, but also sometimes from way back. It's a showcase fitting the theme. Just enjoy !

Gettin' Down in Kokomo - Kayla Bombastic

Harlee_001 - Lasga Claven

secretary - Lavina Kraki

Becoming Human - Siouxsie Sheperd

head - Richard Bearclaw

FF- Ad-Exec Bad Day Back Alley Blowjob - Donniek Capalini

don't get it on my hair! - Jade Day

Like Ice In The Sunshine - Carola Conover

Majestic! - David Storm

I am loving both version of this photo, with Don't Stop The Party by Domizia Rosea...

and The Garden of Earthly Delights by River Anwyl!

Threesome Thursday: July 4/19 - Ivori Faith (would you like a Threesome Thursday gallery sometimes? I mean, i have SO many pics for it... :p)

Random Acts of Sex - 060 - Kayla Whittaker

fellatio friday pov - Argosi Domenici

FF... - Elizabeth Darcie

First Contact: Speaking in Tongues - Morgan Talbot

A mild swelling - Ali Denali

Behind Club FF - Kelli Kristan

Bobbing for .....protein - Traci Quandry

bess_025 - Franky Demonge ('Casting couch with Bess Jones' is the full set, and it's inviting!)

Ambitious appetite - Jade Doet

20190704_161740 - Thiago Scalli

ⅰυσяϊ ғαϊŁн - Alexis Futanari

At Evi's 15 - Ana Romain (do check that full set!)

MalikaPlays - Bea Addams

Untitled by Schism Zeplin

You deserved it - Sandra Palletier

Mermaid Encounter - Leith Corleone

Sweet & Rough Featuring Scottie Leigh - Jagger Draconis

Jack at Lush - Larry Vinaver

bj 4 - Roxanne Remex

Friends, sun, sex, sand and the sea . . . - Iris Okiddo

Magic Stick - Grimblood Skall

Just the tip - Tour Diddy (part of his Bathed in Bekah set, awesome so far!)

doing my duty - Emily Pia Mia Moore

Bull Noir: The Convergence - Roman Warden

Deep - Laura Richards

And yes, I am closing again with one of those posters from that man, the one and only alpha fella...tee?  Well, his dick gets a lot of lovin', that's what happens! Marcus Strong (does not) bring us Fluff Girl: The movie (not) , but hey at least brings the poster, read the fine print!
And the last word is for the sexy boss at Dog Star Isabelle Cheviot...Well it would be the last word but she's busy sucking dick with this In My Happy Place ! Which is part of movie you'll see soon here!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and see you next week!

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