Friday, July 12, 2019

Fellatio Friday #148

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #148!
Okay, this time I kinda have to start from this photo, because come on, when will it happen again to be called out in such a pleasant and explicit way? There you go then...

It's Felatio Friday-THE MOVIE by Marcus Strong (warning: not an actual movie. yet!)

And pleasant and explicit is the whole content of the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on Flickr, I tell you! We've got lots going on every week, with a ton of sexy pics being posted: some people posted hundreds, some posted just maybe once or twice in a year but every pic submitted is truly appreciated. In this ever growing archive we pride ourselves to have gathered the largest collection of oral sex pics in SL, and we want to do even more! Without further ado, here we go with more of the hot photos from this week and material from weeks past. You never know!

from the wonderful July round of the Forbidden Fruit gallery, here's Poolside Snack with Lea and Nif by Biarzenne Necro!

That Sparklebottom Lasertits is making a rather intriguing series called No Labels! And this is Part 3, her pic with Adam Balaur ('s part!)

every time she enters this office, she succeeds again and again to make me spit - ASJoker

FF breakfast - Citius Green

candy_045 - Franky Demonge (oh yeah he took a lot of hot ones in his Beach fun with Candy Charms)

Eager Beaver - Sam Dellaux

Friday activities - Osiris Leshelle

beach fun_003.1 - Roxxy B

Sit Back & Relax - Nicky Delicioso

Open up... - Casey Diamondfire

The Bet - Ivori Faith

Wine Sampling - Morgan Talbot

Around the corner whith NS - Melinda Knoller

76 - Lilimoor

This one is a screenshot from Dog Star Productions' newest movie, Office Hours: University Violation, featuring Sweet Poison alongside Isabelle Cheviot and Monique LeFry. Check it out!

Stuck - Vii Anwyl

Harmony - Ali Denali

Double Face Fuck Friday - Argosi Domenici

Skills - Scottie Leigh

mouthcum - Arya von Drastic (Kyyrra)

Random Acts of Sex - 079 - Kayla Whittaker ( i do love that randomness!)

Serviced - Jewell Infinity

Saint Claire in Love collage - Samy Saint Claire

Lovers.......................... every inch.................... xoxo - Michael Olson

My life as a cock sucking slave (make me yours!!!!) - Marley

Untitled by Jaffe Varriale

Snapshot_022 copy - Bad Wolf Productions (oh I have so many titled like that too!)

SwingAway 3rd Anniversay Photo Contest - Erica

Getting work done - Seeky Wild Rosemore

A Mutual Greed - Wade Masters

Fellatio Friday7.5.19 - Bekah Tolsen

Stacy's Mom - River Anwyl

Yet another one from the Forbidden Fruit Gallery in July, Forbidden Fruit Inc by TourDiddy

Throat Slut - Geralyn Yorkiv

And we close with another really hot and original pic from Jesse Bernard and his 35 cm of BLACK MEAT! , and one with the wonderful and super-active top contributor of the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, the one and only Sandra Palletier in her Live painting performance.

We're done for this week , now y'all bugger off and go, dicks aren't gonna suck themselves!

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