Friday, July 19, 2019

Fellatio Friday #149

Hello and welcome! WelCUM even! Oh no, I swore I would not use this pun, but I am kinda drained. Which fits the theme, because there's some major draining going on in the picture of this post: and it's the kind everyone loves! Without further ado, let's begin: this week we have another totally huge gallery showcase here, since with over a hundred pics submitted just the past days fitting the theme, picking just a few is amazingly difficult and even unfair. I need 2 or 3 Fridays every week, I tell you! Let's start with..

Suck 2 by Alexis Futanari! Now officially one of our top 5 contributors of the group, and certainly the #1 uploader of pics with 'Suck' in (and as) the title!

 This is the paragraph when I tell you that the pics here come from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on Flickr, that it's the biggest group for BJ pics, that it is indeed a group dedicated to BJ pics ( and anything inspired by that act), and that this post just pics some stuff from the current week and older shots. So....
Well, I just did that, so let's enjoy the pictures! Starting with...

Poolside Blowjob 02 - Carola Conover

Lick 2 - Tori Baker (yes, today I went with the 2, ok? :p)

Moxxie's Promotion - Eamon O'Sullivan

once in a life time.. - Purplerain Exonar

The cozy place - Zuby Gloom

The Piano Lesson - Torsten Holst

The Hike , Part 1 #2 - Hoobs (from The Hike photoset!)

Good vibe - 5 - Sandra Palletier

Fellacio Friday with Lisa - ZackSpalding

Eat the rich - Ali Denali

Everybody sheath your sword - Dax Rahl

F.F. - Meeting up with Larry - Mera Firelyte

Cum whore - Marley

Cleaning up her mess. - Sam Dellaux

An afternoon of sausage - Biarzenne Necro

Ahegao - Ivori Faith (and I learned a new word!)

stroking - Lavina Kraki

breakfast - Jade Day

4Way Cross - Mr.Kace-Axel-Quinton (if I figured the hyeroglyphs correctly)

You can do it - Jackie Madison

"Hey, if she thinks it's her lolli, I won't tell her otherwise!" - Victoria Somerset

Yummy! - Melina Jameson

aj-13 - Onyx Marabana

Larry and CJ...2 - Larry Vinaver

verda_1975a -Verda Tsib

Taking every Last drop - Lauren Carter

Untitled by Jaffe Varriale

FFriday 7.12.19 - Bekah Tolsen

worship_006_2048 - Raddick Szymborska

Random Acts of Sex - 082 - Fellatio Friday - Kayla Whittaker

Suntan Lotion - Marcus Strong

for all our Russian friends, this one described as Oh my god 😂😂 this app is sick. Lowkey creepy. But sick by Christina Vilda

Sunrise Fellatio - Kelli Kristan

AM Passion - DeMarcus Savage

Fellatio friday - Tsai Cheng (with a blog post)

one of my fave from the week, I know what I like... - Keanna Appletor

Deep Diver - Tour Diddy (and again check the whole album with Beckah)

Camper's Like It Hot - Ivan Yerkinov

And to close this post...ah! I should blog early in the day again, I know it makes someone grumble because they have to wait (at least) a week to be published, but hey, you would have seen this sweet initiative by David Storm in this Fellatio Friday! - Taking Applications. But I am sure he'll do it again! And the happy ending goes to the wonderful Salathiell, who rocks that face (and pun) in It's totally mine.

Done! This week is in the books, and now we have to work on ....having fun in the weekend? And then who knows what sort of BJ fun can begin! Enjoy!

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