Sunday, January 1, 2017

In a Room with Isa - A Pictorial

Photographer:  Mirko Panacek
Text:   Isabelle Cheviot
Models:  Mirko & Isa

   I first moaned when his tongue touched my thighs...but then he licked my was like a jolt of electric pleasure that streaked through my body.  I arched my body up for more...all I wanted was more...

   He entered me with a long, firm thrust...opening me up in every sense of the word.  I cried out involuntarily as he moved inside me...his strong arms holding me steady as he took me...

   I sat on him and starting bouncing on his thick cock...he held me up on him, allowing me to focus on my movements...and my pleasure...

  I mounted him in reverse, holding my hips above him and feeling his fingers exploring me before sliding my warm sheath onto his sword, coating it with a glaze of lust and joy.

   And then....he took my ass...rather, I offered it and he accepted.  I was glad and showed my gratitude by a series of orgasms that left me speechless.  When finally he filled me with his seed, I accepted it gladly and with peace...for I knew there would be more. 

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