Friday, January 5, 2018

Fellatio Friday #72

Welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday 72 ! According to biblical tradition, 72 is the number of languages that were spoken at the Tower of Babel : it's based on the headcount of Noah's descendants. Of course, obvious phallic symbology ("Tower..." ha!) aside, if there were more oral sex involved in the story there would be a lot less talking, and possibly also less descendants...Hmm, I don't know, maybe I should not tackle this sort of subjects. Hey, seems that 2017 ended, did you get the memo?

Maybe not, cuz Aria Horan did: this is 2017 in Review: Memo ! Yes, I went there with the pun.

Hey, I could have done a year in review post, come to think of it.. But then again, a horde of amazing photos was submitted this week. Plus as you may know by now, I always dig back. Let me tell you then once more: you wanna submit a photo ? Use the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group, submit your shots (no 30/60 limit), and enjoy the week-long stream of suctioness! Photos have to be fellatio-themed (pre, post, suggestive are always welcome too!), only one per person per week will be posted, and this gallery is posted rather early in the day, adding to the FF 'game' you play in porn groups and flickr - 'making it' on this page is not the goal as the criteria are subjective, fickle, and mysterious!
Now enjoy this cold opening of the year with some of the hottest weather forecast ever!

Forecast calling for 6 - 8 inches... - Lylah Landar

Insatiable - Keely Mistwood

[ clique ] 010118 - Carnal Desires - Nakari Tolsen

2018 - April Summirs

Cum Cage 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (with a beauty of a set on his kinky smut blog!)

Dinner with a friend - Curty Dovgal

Lunch - Abhati O

Sucking on Bane - Mera Firelyte

Poolside - Kay Windstorm

THE RINSE CYCLE - Vanessa DeLight

Nausi at the Chocolate Bar - 14 - Tammy Jones, from the stimulating Nausi's New Year set

All Dat ASS~ #N.E.S. - Asari Sunshine

House Rules - Swallow Every Drop - Cheryl Reddevil

Fonda Posed to Fuck_014 - Storm Greystoke

A Hell Of An Exchange - Arienne Evangeline (read the description and see why it belongs here!)

Heather in the Morning 2 - Chase Stone (and don't miss the rest of the album!)

TB BRpic_003 - Trina Singh

Good Morning and Fed - Luke Fortacos

Kitchen duties - Zepp Sicling

Shannan & Penny Hurry Home - Shannan

Sick Like Me - Domizia Rosea

It's a sin - River Anwyl

Please tell me it's already Friday somewhere - Ashratum

 Tuesday's Dessert Special - Kat Capelo (can you get more deliciously teasing than that?)

our dummy name photo of the week today is from Schism Zeplin!

Elf Brain - Terrence Westland

dirty play - Taylor Shamen

Treated with regard due to her rank - Sandra Palletier (and check the full set!)

Perspective - Adara Avon

One of the hundreds (!) by Marcus Strong, top contributor of the year!
this is Just One Night 9 from the set he did with Crystal Bourjade !

DreemLover - Alexis Futanari

Taste_001 - Bane W. Caedus

Tasty pose with Devi - Dax Rahl

And we close this post with uniquely tasty ( if not tasteful) wishes for a great year by Thorgal McGillivary in his sweet2018 , and with another gorgeous shot by April Jestyr in Wonderful Blow: sometimes an awesome FF pic is all in the eyes !

Have a great day, week, year, and let's try to make the most of the century and millenium too!

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