Friday, January 19, 2018

Fellatio Friday #74

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday! It's time for another unoriginal opening, on the original weekly post focused on the interaction between one particular opening of the body and one particular sexual organ. Yep that one - for the other one we have a pussy licking group for you to join! Both are opted out of Flickr's silly limits, so feel free to put your relevant photos there.
I got away with writing yet another intro paragraph, yay! On to the disclaimer now!

In what is apparently a biennal event, this is Jos Loll here to "Blow my mind

Post your pictures on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group. Just appetizing pics involving a cock...or adequate substitutes for it. Because evoking the idea works just as well. What else to say? The gallery is posted early in the day (it's about joining the 'movement' and not a validation of your work), one photo per person at most will be published but please add as many as you like, any day of the week! Hey, i got away with it fast today. And without bringing numerical trivia in the mix even! More room for the pics then, see you later!

High - Jade Doet

Fresh Lip Gloss - Jori Jewell

Gotta love fellatio Friday!! - Topaz Lemondrop

...Working For Job... - Anita Dark through Enki

Ass Monday - Aura Kira

Good Girl - Penny Tration

Sneak Peek - Nikki T

Look Up - Alexis Futanari

Discount Gym - PJ Thornton (and there's a whole hot series!)

Messy ending - Dax Rahl

..Acceptance.. - Nikii Nyn

Happy Ass Monday - Moonie

After the party - Sandra Palletier

Fellatio Friday - Watching Her - Cheryl Reddevil

Watching it drips from her mouth - Jesse Bernard

Just A Taste - Ivan Yerkinov

Old Friends Too - Chase Stone

Choke on it.... - Kat Capelo

Pharoah's Pleasure 3 - Aria Horan (taken for this SL Confidential feature on Bane!)

The Larry-CJ-Foxy 3 some set! - Larry Vinaver (which you should check out!)

Oiled Up - JohnnyHung

Kasim's - Abhati O

Threesome Thursday Over-cocked! - Kenny Shambala

Cookin up something with Addison - Marcus Strong

Rachel Avro Friday - Lunedor Oryl

Having Dessert First #1 - Finn Hawthorne

In the Garden of Eden... - Tara Sweets (btw, read her interview with Cathy already?)

My mouth ? - Zin Avon

suck - April Summirs

This is picture 06 from Tammy Jones's Home Porn IX, check it out !

Natural Habitat. - Goo Mami

Lollipop - Tricia Danielson

Snapshot_048 - Samy Love Wild

Teacher's Pet - Delicence (and check the full photoset!)

And we close this Fellatio Friday post with ....wait, Too lazy for Fellatio Friday, by Christina Monteverdi ? Oh, such a shame you were, Christina, I hope you find the motivation next week then!
And with Tatiana Easterwood in a Tatiana Easterwood pic, that's enough said! This time, Team building ! What better exercise than this? Ok, depends heavily on your coworker's appearance, perhaps.

We're done! Enjoy your weekend and...ok ok, 74 in the Bible is "the number of people that ate in the presence of God in Mount Sinai and saw God without dying (Exodus 24:9-11 ). Eat responsibly and worship devotely, is all I can say!

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