Friday, January 12, 2018

Fellatio Friday #73

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday in what without a doubt will be Sheldon Cooper's favourite episode! We've got lotsa pics to feature as usual, and I am pleased to see that with the festivities behind us so many already are in a warm and perennial SL summer mood. Let's go with an example of that...

such as "Sucking Up the Sun" by Dokielicious Doobie!

So, in case you need some context for this blog post choke full of oral sex pics and titled 'Fellatio Friday': every Friday on Flickr and in the porn groups there's always abundance of photos by that theme, a meme similar to Topless Tuesday, Ass Monday and others! This post, published early on that day, joins in by featuring photos that have been posted all week long, for over a year now, on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group. Join the group, join the fun ! The pics have to represent or evoke a'll find a few suggestive ones! Well this is pretty much it, so g'day and let's get it on!

Be A Good Girl - Calvin Shaw

Happy Birthday to me....... - Chris C

I'd Bend Over Backwards For You - Jori Jewell

Addicted - Heather Ashford

Cold Nights - Xean Reese

2017 in Review: Hector - Aria Horan

Indulge - Zoe Willows

Stay Right There - Arienne Evangeline

Shannan Keavy Licks the Tip - Shannan

A casual life - Sandra Palletier

A Night to Remember - Abbie Flagon (full sexy set here)

Breathe, Nuzzle and Purr - Jagger Draconis

Drool Stool 1/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (with the full mouthwatering set on his blog! )

Magic Mouth - Finn Hawthorne

Suck It - Alexis Futanari featuring the unmistakeable Emmanuelle Jameson!

FF- Shower Me (Part 2) - Chase Stone

Snowy Treat - Traci Quandry

Untitled photo by the always sexy Christina Vilda

Another collaborative effort with Appetizers by Kat Capelo...

... and Feed Me your sausage - Markus Steiner

Pleasing My King - Kathrine Wohlfeld

Kara and Kay Messy Messy girls.... - Marcus Strong

Student Bodies part 3: Scorned - Ashlynn Okiddo (be sure to click and READ story & comment RP!)

Enjoying a Nice Warm Shower - DarkAngel69 O'Leary

here's a screenshot from Isa's latest movie 'Daddy's Drinking Buddy' !

see you in ten days, Miss Sweet! - Sweet Nawty Hon

My Banana - Fonda Dix


park4 - Tour Diddy

Taking In The View - Ivan Yerkinov

Suck!!! - Lenny Arai

perfect - Sam Dellaux

Partee Chair 7 - Don Roodborst

Prisoner of War #4 - Tricia Danielson in another sexcelent sci-fi set

All mine!! - Topaz Lemondrop

And I am closing the post with the promo photo for this rather unique contest promoted by Missy Nicole and with yet another original phallus-free-fellatio foray from Sparklebottom! Pushing the boundaries (and more!) and finding new approaches with Butt Stuffing.

That's it for today. Enjoy your Friday, and have fun!

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