Friday, January 26, 2018

Fellatio Friday #75

Hello, hello! This is Dog Star Fellatio Friday #75! Which means, we are 3/4 of the way towards a hundred posts, and you know what does THAT mean?
Absolutely nothing except, who doesn't like round numbers? 
Okay okay, you know already that this space is pretty much filler, so let's just get it started!

All Day Sucker:because this media campaign needed some taste!
(check the series, by Marcus ofc!)

Ok, here it goes: this is a blog post , posted on Friday, since Fellatio Friday is a thing and people love to publish and share their cocksucking pics! To partecipate, simply add your photos to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on Flickr! Fellatio-themed photos, that is, thank you! Upload as many as you like and whenever you wish, as long as a bj is shown or even implied, suggested , evoked, etc etc!  Thanks to everyone who has fun with the theme, and let's get started!

T n T ( Ted & Tegan) Domination - Tegan Malone

Bimbo Girl (4) - Osiris LeShelle

Seaside 69 - PJ Thornton

Feeding Freckles - Ivan Yerkinov

Thank you for the diamond ! - Brea Brianna

Fellatio Friday - Selfie Time - Cheryl Reddevil

Tasty Treat - Chase Stone

Anal Dildo Ride - Penny Tration ( and check the full set here!)

Can it fit - Trina Singh

Pink Lipstick ;-) - Rose Okiddo

Thinking of You. - Kitten Zer0

friday breakfast - Ludwig Sabretooth

Head Games - Montana Magnifico

Kisses: Search and Seizure - Nakuru Bergamasco

The tip of my tongue... - Kat Capelo

Blood Rushing to Head - Luke Fortacos

feeding time - Argosi Domenici

Cum Dumpster 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. ( guess what? a whole shoot to peruse on his blog!)

Bella2die4 - Alexis Futanari

FF Suzyst - Logan O'Leary

Hungry Eyes - Ted Dosei

More sneak peekery^^ - Nikki T

Suck it baby - Cain McBain

Morning Sex #1 - Hoobs

TT day - Traci Quandry

Partee for two - Dax Rahl

You must be new around here - Sandra Palletier

Untitled - .Doom.

2017 in Review: Gaeshia - Aria Horan

Cock..Tail recipe - Jade Doet

Wedged - Jori Jewell

Sisterly love - River Anwyl

loved lunch - Xita Kira

sucking my babies lovely shecock - Sheri Balto

And we close with one of the hyperbolic (should I say overblown? I suppose it applies!) shots by the incomparable Maggie Bluxome with Blowing Erin, and one of the creative photographies by Weer Stand: from his 'Smut phone' setScarlet Mobile 4.

Have a great weekend!

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