Friday, October 5, 2018

Fellatio Friday #108

Hello and welcome to another installment of Dog Star Fellatio Friday. And not just -any- , nossir! This part 108 ! The ancient yogic practice of Pranayama prescribes that if one takes just 108 breaths in one day, they will reach enlightenment. And what better way to learn to hold your breath, than dealing with a juicy hot cock? I don't think that is quite the technique they teach for that, but my version is more entertaining, I'd say.

The delicious slide of a hot tongue! by Peter Wanderer . Delicious and hot indeed!

Ohhh a double opener today! I loved this exciting photo from Peter (Morganwanderer), but of course it would not be completed without the full view from one of the most active girls in porn today, Paula Berger's "The teacher and her student" shoot. Also, school is quite popular these days (you tend to miss  the darnest things when you grow up, figures!).

Here's PAGE 4 of  Paula's story/comic! My oh my, so well educated. That tongue.

I am sure I don't have to teach you anything about the subtle intricacies of joining a flickr group (the opted out Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, to be exact ), submitting your themed photo and enjoying this weekly blog gallery. I hope at least! By 'themed' I do mean that the group is focused on cock-sucking (we do have a Pussy Licking group too!), but of course we welcome the suggestive and the funny and ....let's just get on with it :-) See you for the bu-byes at the end!

Sharing is Caring - Allie (Lilly Sunflower)

Voyeur Pic - Zolmir

Oops, we made a mess - Tourdiddy

7. Pretty as a Picture - Torsten Holst (and enjoy the full shoot with Kaya Haze)

Lust - Talena Constantine

Motor Head, Cumin at you in 3D. - Thad Severinsen

Bound And Gagged Fellatio Friday - Lesley Aristocrat

And that's another X from vAntonv

Let me help you with that Daddy - Abhati O

GULP - Ben John 9

Randi - Jonny Hung

Candy Pole! - Futarika

KI MrK SELFIE - Katya Imako

Pleasing Sir - Jodie Darling

yum - Stacy Gregory

Snapshot_078 - BigD Elcano

Facial Violation 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N (and oh you DO need to check the full post!)

Slave to the Machine Out-Takes 1 - Morgan Talbot (check the 'official' first part here!)

Circle of Trust - Dax Rahl

Good Girl - Stacey Lucciano

Such soft hands and mouth - Sam Dellaux

Just Gag On It - Kayla Whittaker

When my husband is away - Jasmine

Tell me something i don't know - Sandra Palletier

Heaven Descends Upon Us - Storm Greystoke

Eat It! - Kozmo Reitman

Yoga Studio - PJ Thornton

Memories are sometimes so good - Lofty lemur
another untitled contribution from Jaffe Varriale

Why are Redheads great --DUUHHHHHHH - Marcus Strong

Sunscreen - Satomi Kano

The Lost Island - Larry Vinaver

the toilet - Fututio

20 - Thiago Scalli

An Evening with Alex #3 - Laina Alexandria (I loved this set and the story!)

A Reversal - Xean Reese

Good Morning - Zunx

And I am closing with another school photo complete with felatious acts, a great group shot by Fawn Fatal. This particular pic is indicated by Time-4-Back-2-SchooL but just check it out in the various angles on her flickr. Plus, as very last photo, a very special one, being number the #9'000 posted in group! Size is not everything, but I am certainly quite happy with the result (Spam and off-topic pics are nearly non-existant, and I am proud of that, even if you have to join to fully see it !).
The photo happens to be The Beach by Hoobs, surely a fan and connoisseur of the discipline!

Keep up the good work everyone, and enjoy :-)

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