Sunday, October 7, 2018

Pictorial - Tessa

Wow...just wow.  💋

Where are you from?:  United Kingdom

Rez Date:  05/21/2016

What do you like to do in SL for fun?  
     Besides the normal sexy and naughty stuff i enjoy riding bikes and driving cars, also try a little of sailing also.

Sexual orientation and preference? 
     Shemale, prefer the female form happy with female or other shemales.... I'm a top.

Tell us something unique about you!
     I wouldn't call myself unique, as near everything or anything i do im sure there are others that do the same, i try to be nice to people always try to reply to a IM even if i know its going to head a way im not wanting it to go.. i just try to be nice enjoy myself and treat people with the respect i would like to be treated with....

Do you have a Flickr page and/or blog?

Pictorial by Isabelle Cheviot. Shot on location at Tribell Island.

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