Friday, October 19, 2018

Fellatio Friday #110

Hello and welcome to this eleventy weekly appointment with the Dog Star blog!  Friday is a day as good as any when it comes to indulge in some oral pleasure, but everyone loves a nice theme for a day, and when it alliterates so nicely it's even more desirable to take part in it. Since well over 2 years now, the Sexiest people around have been posting  their suckalicious pictures on a Friday for a little something we call...Fellatio Friday! This is our way to join in and show off  some of your brilliant work!

Such as, All I Want by Rachel Swallows right here! 

If you haven't subscribed to the flickr group, you totally should!
In just a few weeks we'll official get a 5 digits figure in the photo pool, all hand-approved with tender care, to bring you the biggest fellatio-themed group you can find! This post of course shows only a tiny margin of the pics you can see, chosen here in a mostly arbitrary way that makes perfect sense just to myself. If at all! The one rule I haven't knowingly broken just yet is , just 1 photo from the same person per week...but give it time!
Now check out all these inviting pictures, and i'll say bye later!

Hands - Traci Quandry

Memories of Dora - Torsten Holst

FELLATIO FRIDAY! - Stacey Lucciano

Straight into my eyes - Sveta Ivanovskaya

Headlights - Osiris Leshelle

Felattio Friday! - Sir Duke

"I don't know what to wear!" - River Anwyl

French Cusine - Kera Firecaster

All for you 1 - NichoStar

*...look at me...* -  Enki through Miciona Clarity

A Mouth Full - Porn Photo of the Day - Kayla Whittaker

Widely - Jade Doet

Teacher's Pet - Marcus Strong

Tess - Ricky Kariunga

A Messy Fellatio Friday - Lesley Aristocrat

Mommy wanna have fun - Angie Wild

Taking care of Daddy - Kassandra Jade

la petite faiblesse qui nous perd - Merie Merie

playing with your senses II - Ludwig Sabretooth

Before... - Jonny Hung

Friday is cheat day! - Tessiadoll

Dirty Club Girl - Zoe Willows

Untitled by the newest entry in the top 5 most active posters list:
Sandy Bisibaine (SamDellaux). Keep up the...good work. Amongst other things..

And an untitled by Schism Zeplin!

"cuck watching" - Tony D

Omg! - Jenna Elena

DON'T hold still... - Eddric Dayne

Feeding - Abhati O

Cup the balls - Daxie

weekend in vegas - Pretty Perion

Deep throat Sunday - Samy Saint Claire

home - Tatusia Snowflake

A Ladies Touch - Eamon O Sullivan

Tittie fuck. - JC Underwood

Another Blacklist evening - Sandra Palletier

Surfers FF - Logan O'Leary

Morning pleasures. - Peter Wanderer

Just a taste - Ayela

A fleur de toi... - Leslyyyyy Lisa

And to close the post, here's two for all the nostalgic of the summer around here, with a taste of the ocean: How to catch a mermaid? by one of the most inventive pornstars around the scene today, Paula Berger, and one from the most inventive of the all time greats, Dokielicious Doobie in Salty Breeze !

And that's all for it today! ...oh for this post, I mean! Because, the day is still young, and there are some jobs to do! Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!

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