Friday, October 12, 2018

Fellatio Friday #109

Hello and welcome! Welcome to yet another post, straight from that place where cocks that get sucked! Mostly.
I mean, some get really, utterly, thoroughly sucked. Some get nibbled. Some are being teased! Some tease, because you know it's all about supply and demand, and it's not always obvious which is greater. And some are not even cocks at all, because we kinda like to have fun.

This most definitely is! Featured in Just a drop :) by Satomi Kano

So what's this magic place flowing with milk and honey ? It's of course the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group! You shall join it! It's choke full (indeedy!) with photos of hot hot fellatio acts, the biggest of its kind. Post your photos or just join it to check out aaaaall the sexy, suggestive, creative ways the various artists use to showcase what may seem a simple act..that has so many variations!
Submitting a themed photo there you may end up featured here, because why not? I always love juicy pics. And I don't forget, so if it's not published the same week, it still will appear later. Oh but before I get all defensive, let's move onwards to the fantastic photos of this week, starting with the absolute perfection that is...

Flick-A-Lick - Carola Conover

another X marks the spot for vANTONv

Movie Night - Eamon O' Sullivan

Belly Lick - Rachel Swallows

Ice cream and beer - JC Underwood

14.Beach beauty - DaGigo Liebhabber (from this hawt photoset!)

Barn Yard Fun - Sara Hellershanks

1_020 - Stacy Gregory

3.Just a little taste - Torsten Holst

Adventures In Home Nursing 1: Say Ahhh! - Anyka Aiseiri (photoshoot @ the Hotties Blog)

Kiss Kiss - Amy Starr

Fellatio Friday - Chris Lion

Pure enjoyment - Dax Rahl

Happy Ending no.3 from a set I had so much fun working on, by Cykes Silver. Lookie here!

Drink to get drunk....of cum... - Ciara Krystal

Urgent Needs - Angie Wild

Fellatio Friday - Practice Makes Perfect - Cheryl Reddevil

LadyAnnaBelleLee...Part 10 - Jamelya

Let me give you a tip - Sandra Palletier

Alessia Liz_022 - Nuur from her 'Painful Tenderness' set, here !

Consumed By Her Love - Storm Greystoke

Intense suck - Ludwig Sabretooth

Untitled - Mitya Dimas

THAT'S WHAT THIS CUM DUMPSTER IS MADE FOR!_10062018_003 - Carla Draesia

"Felatio Friday: He asked if I wanted ma teeth whitened but most if it ended up on ma chin! :b "
with this title it could only be from Ashlynn Jameson

Job interview - Marcus Strong

04 - Cuckolding Francis - Kayla Whittaker (from Cuckold adventures with Francis! )

She was very greedy :)) - Peter Wanderer

Aya: Yoga Warm Up - Nakuru Bergamasco

Heather visiting the Beach - Sam Dellaux

It's a hard "work"... - Samy Saint Claire

Happy Friday ! - Paula Berger

snapshot - Ricky Kariunga

a screenshot from Nikki T's beautifully shot video "Black Owned"

And we close with a Happy Friday from TourDiddy and the Forbidden Fruit gallery (if you haven't visited yet the gallery at its new location I invite you to do so, it is really rocking the Halloween theme including some awesome movie posters!), and one of the plenty great shots Notorious B.E.N. makes, this time from his High Times photoshoot.

Have a smoking hot photography Friday!

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