Friday, February 8, 2019

Fellatio Friday #126

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #126! 126 obviously reminds us that 126 AD was the First year of the Yongjian era of the Han Dynasty, so, Happy Pig Year to everyone! Okay that was far fetched. I do like pigs though (better than pandas, a species that Flickr made most of us desire extinction for): to me they are kinda the totemic animal of SL sex, with their 40-minute long orgasms.
Speaking of which (was I really?), here we have the first photo of the week, and it is a funny one!

Jenna Elena visits the Spermbank !

As usual, I do love to have fun photos on this gallery: as long as they are somewhat themed around the theme of the group. Which is, Fellatio! Check out the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on flickr - course, you have to join it to do so! - and enjoy all the wonderful variations and interpretations of the deceivingly simple concept - cock, sucked.
I don't make this gallery at the end of the day, I don't pick pics just or particularly from Friday, so, just enjoy sharing them on Flickr and in the inworld groups, and use this post as a chance to see what else other people have been up to. You may even see one of your photos there, as a bonus!
Now let's start...

Overspray - Laura Richards

Fellatio Friday on beach with Lesley - Kelli Kristan

Summer Nights - Natsumi Xenga

Beach selfie - Salathiell

My wonderful woman.............. you are such a beautiful pleaser............. - Michael Olson

Earning Her Raise - Vixxen Rainbow

Feed me Daddy - Teryl Nox

Felatio Friday - Citius Green

Bath in the morning - Nichostar

FE6 - Dokielicious Doobie (from the Full Exam photoset, check it out here!)

Snapshot_015 - BigD Elcano

Felatio Friday - Jacquimo Jackson

Daddy's Day Every Friday - Kera Storm

Daddy Got Tat..Kitten Gets Daddy - David Storm

Oral Fixation - Chase Stone

using my strapon with my guy - Zoey Wild

Deepthroat - Alexis Futanari

My sweet Ivy - Nikolaos

Kathrine knows how to Take care of Business - Marcus Strong

Bad area 19 -. Ilseray

ivana - Ivana Hanni

Feed Me! - Sammi F

I licked it so it's mine! - Natalia Lavender

this is photo 76 from one of the latest wacky sets by Mandi Will!

Maui Hospitality - Aloha Lover - Paris Valentina

I love little Pussy - Lofty Lemur

Her first stop after a long SL break - Sandra Palletier

Snapshot_1491 - Mallory Gates

VIP service in the uderground - Jenny Starveling

Untitled by Jaffe Varriale

Every. Single. Inch. - Lagertha

Amy's Angels - Alicia Pudles


In-Cummmmming!!! - Ashlynn Jameson

a picture by LEMONedx , through Melinda Knoller

1rst Class Advantage - Makaila (and check Eamon's version here!)

Focus - Skorpio

And to close the post: I am loving Steffy Sissy's photos, and this The Winner Sucks it All definitely is one to sing along to! Well, suck along...Oh you know what I meant. And the last one is Advisory Rated by Sion Bedrosian. Classic BJ pose, with studio lights and all! Ahhh I can almost smell the porn studio fragrance.

That's it for the week! Enjoy more sucky glory, and catch you next time!

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