Friday, February 22, 2019

Fellatio Friday #128

Hello, you cocksuckers! And cocksuckees. Hello cocks too, I guess? I don't know, seems creepy to be talking to the penis directly, especially when we have not properly introduced yet. Luckily I am familiar with most. Have I just demeaned myself implying I get a round a lot? Or actually played up my cocksucking credentials? Heck, this time I was invited to take part to a Fellatio Friday and I was not even the one doing the sucking! What am I doing wrong with my lives.... You know what, let's get started!

Don't Need Coffee This Morning by Sweet Poison aka Zoeeey Valissa. Indeed! 
So much enthusiasm and not high on caffeine, even! Perhaps some hot cockoa!

Okay, "what's this post and how do I get in?". Hey, why do you want to get in if you don't even know what it is? I am so full of questions to an imaginary reader today, it's getting creepy now. It's a post that gathers photos submitted to Dog Star Fellatio Friday, the biggest and of course bestest group dedicated to the future olympic sport of deep throat snorkeling: you join it, you add pics to it, and once a week, since the thing cool (18+) kids do on flickr and pr0n groups on Fridays is to post pics called 'Fellatio Friday', well, here it is, we do the same! Pics are picked across aaaaall the long lifespan of this group , and with a limit of one person per week, so it just happens that not everyone is in it. Happens, your pic is awesome and will get in next week. Let's begin with....

OMG it is so big - Jenna Elena

Tables... turned - Monique Lefry

The Moment She Been Waiting For..... -- SolidX

Kimie needed more - Sandra Palletier

Laura: Rewarding the Help - Nakuru Bergamasco

It's Friday - Laura Richards

Happy Friday! - TourDiddy

2019-01-24 Gwyn_015 4x3 - Nova Mills

New friends - River Anwyl

More then a mouthful - Gangrul

THIRST FOR HIM - Rachel Swallows

while still sobbing...  - Purplerain Exonar

Byronne 2 - Creamy Au

mialynn_04 - Franky Demonge (taken from a fellatiosissimum post, "Session with proffessional fluffer girl, Mialynn" !!)

Beach - Dih Saha

Suck - Alexis Futanari

Lita sucking Monkey so good - Monkey Jacksen

the stranger - Emily Pia Pia More

FF_001 - Bane W. Caedus

Triple - Sammi SL

Pure Pleasure - David Storm

Nevoir poses - Thirst - @ XXX Original Event!. - Bibble Sugartooth

how angels lose their halo - CitiusGreen

Dinner for two - Curty Dovgal

float off - Smash Bros SL

Free Fairy - Weer Stand

Snapshot_031 - BigD Elcano

Tasting it (reach for it pt2) - Traci Quandry

fuckin busy or busy fuckin  - Abhati through Kasim O

Sliding in Felatio Friday - Kelli Kristan

Strip girls - Mitya Dimas

Ball sucking (in front of his girldfriend) - Ellen Saint

an untitled contribution by the ever voracious Jaffe Variale

And we close today with , Big guy blowjob , from Ilseray, who has been sending a few really sweet shots to the group : keep 'em coming. Insert obvious 'cumming' pun here. And and and! It's pink and it's black and sexy all over, what is it? Oh it's Focus on Heather Ashford by mr. Fellatio Friday himself Marcus Strong, but it's also the hot all-girl movie by Mitzy Broadway, "Tattoo The Pink Rose" that is gonna premiere tonight at 7:15 PM SLT, and that happens to feature as a tattoo artist the gorgeous Heather herself. Enjoy!

We are done for today, and I hope you'll have a suckalicious time!

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