Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #324 - Xuna Demonia

 Happy to feature this strong, proud woman today - enjoy!

Where are you from in RL?:    Tennessee, USA

What do you enjoy doing in SL?:     I've done a variety of things - I've been a stripper, porn actress, Mistress, a friend, and now a Mom.  I just had my SL daughter, Samara, recently!

Flickr page?:    https://www.flickr.com/people/151142491@N04/

Turn Ons:     Beautiful well put together black men; not so much the Dom type, but someone who share interests with me, enjoys photography and shares those ambitions.. Although they don't even have to be black.. beautiful male bodies are great.  I love a man who likes to go places. I also have a long hair fetish! 

Turn Offs:     Noobie, deformed avatars.. rudeness.. those who play SL like its a bed hopping game... guys who have alts and lie.  There is no reason to play with peoples emotions and use them.

Sexual Preference?:   Straight.

What is your happiest SL memory?:    Holding my 1st baby for the 1st time, i never wanted to put him down.   At the end of the day.. I'm really just like everyone else.. the girl next door.. approachable.. friendly.. I value true friendships.. and wish people on sl could learn to treat each other better.   (Amen to that - Isa)

Xuna wears Maitreya and a Vista head.  Shot on location at N.O.L.A. Urban Roleplay.

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