Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bewitched Difference - Blending Fashion and Erotica

I'm happy to feature another interview of someone I so greatly admire.  Be takes some of the most amazing pictures in SL and her work transcends the genre of erotica into the world of fashion. Her blog is a source of information for many of us in world and her understanding of how fashion and porn/erotica mesh together is unique.  She's simply stunning to look at, and a true joy to interview.  Enjoy.  XO - Isa

Pictorial by Scotty07 except where indicated

Isa:   Generally speaking, where in the world are you from?
Bewitched:   I was born and raised in The Netherlands.

Isa:   How did you get involved with Second Life?
Bewitched:   I was on another chat site and that site closed so a friend introduced me to second life and that's now 6 years ago  :)

Isa:   How did you get involved with SL pornography?
Bewitched:   Well I blame Graham for that hahahaha. I saw him at an exhibition of a friend of mine and started talking to him.  He was back then with my SL daughter, Maria. And one thing led to another; first soft erotic pictures, and then it got more hardcore.

Isa:   Does your interest in photography extend into your RL? 
Bewitched:   No, not really - but to be honest I think Second Life made me more experienced in taking pictures. I always sucked at taking real life pictures and now I like to think I suck less! Ha! Oh God, that sounds bad! (Isa:  It's ok - it's a porn blog!)

Isa:   How did you learn to take such amazing pictures in game?
Bewitched:   First of all, I was never afraid to take pictures and show them to the SL world via Flickr. So I've practiced lots and looked at other photographers to see what angles they use etc.  Then I discovered Windlight settings and taking pictures in Ultra. For me that was the Egg of Columbus - I have no clue if that's an expression in English but who cares!

Isa:   Do you use any special techniques either with the shot itself or with the editing?  What software do you use for editing?
Bewitched:   I seldom use Photoshop; I'm a real noob at that. So I mostly use Ipiccy really. :) In world I use backgrounds and try to blend it as good as possible to get a nice effect.

Isa:   Be - please tell us a bit about each of the pictures listed below from your Flickr page.

Just let me out of here...- Bewitched Difference

Bewitched:  This picture I made while in a dark mood but not depressed. :D I was going through my inventory looking for fun stuff and then I found the muzzle and an idea was born. I love the feel in this picture; dark, sinister and dangerous.

See - Bewitched Difference

Bewitched:  I love flaunting my pixels in a seductive and erotic way. I like to leave some to the imagination when I take pictures and this is such a moment when you wanna get noticed and provoke a feeling.

In Silence - Bewitched Difference

Bewitched:  Alone in my thoughts, feeling the warm water and just being me. At times I just love to do my own things and set my own rushing. My RL work asks lots of me, mentally and physically, and at those moments I love the silence. I can be at home a whole day without talking to somebody.

What if... - Bewitched Difference

Bewitched:  Don't we all have these moments? What if? What if I would have been married... What if I would have kids.... so many what-if's at times :D

When Doves Cry - Bewitched Difference

Bewitched:  I was/am a huge fan of Prince so when he died I just felt the need to produce a nice
picture for him as tribute. I grew up with his music, and danced lots to it in clubs :D

Not doing anything... - Bewitched Difference

Bewitched:  This captures the innocence and the beauty of a woman, and some of her naughtiness. It's easy to get naked and take a picture but to capture a mood is way more difficult in my
humble opinion.

Isa:   To you, what's the difference between erotica and porn? 
Bewitched:   For me the difference is simple; erotica doesn't include cum or explicit poses with penetration.

Isa:   Can porn be art?
Bewitched:   Yes, if the editing is good it can be art.  Just screen shots with legs wide open and a cock up the that for me doesn't scream art. :D  (Isa:   Although there IS an art to anal sex!)

Isa:   What's the biggest challenge facing SL pornography today, or at least your niche of it? 

Bewitched:   Being unique - It's really hard to stand out in SL pornography. It's hard to get yourself seen and known.  You'll have to do your own promotion, take pictures, go to parties and talk to people.  And what is really important is try to be different and stand out with looks. Mesh body's is a must these days. And with lines like "I'm a model, who wants to take pictures of me" won't get you anywhere. :)  Take the control in your own hands and make it happen! :D

Isa:   What is your blog all about?
Bewitched:   At first my blog was about erotic and porn pictures and then slowly became more of a fashion blog.

Isa:   Fashion is very clearly of importance to you.  What are some of your favorite shops? 
Bewitched:   Oh yes I'm a real mesh favorite shops? Do you have an hour or so?  Really too many to mention but to name a few: United Colors, Stargazers, Zed Sensations, Paperdoll's, Ghee, and of course RSC (Rachel Swallows Creations).  She is my best friend for over 3 years so I'll have to mention her or I'm dead meat! 

Isa:   How does fashion tie into your work in adult entertainment?
Bewitched:   Fashion has taken over for me, and I know from personal experience that Pornstars also wanna look good. So for me blogging and keeping them posted about nice deals or events is really a nice thing to do.

Isa:   You've been in a ton of films - do you still enjoy performing? 
Bewitched:   I've stopped being in porn movies about a year ago now I think. I've been active in porn for about 2 1/2 years and it was time to take a break from it. Its good to know when its time to stop with something you have enjoyed for so long. And as the saying goes, its best to stop when you are at the top! :)


Isa:   What appeals to you about performing in pornographic films?
Bewitched:  The fun on the set. God I've laughed lots on sets and I'm fortunate to have been in movies with great directors, like Dillon and Morph, who I've enjoyed working with.  :)


Thank you to both Bewitched and Scotty!


  1. Thank you so much for this fun interview and great pictures :) kisses and smooches xxx
    and ISA stop PLAYING WITH DA EGG lol

    1. Thank YOU, Be! And I'll never stop playing with my egg! ;)