Saturday, November 12, 2016

Just a Farewell Drink

Pictorial by Chris C
Models:  Zara & Chris C
Story:  Zara

It was Friday night and I was about to leave the office when John came in to see me. “I’m off then Zara, this was my last day”. I’d totally forgotten, John was leaving, traveling to America to start a new job. “Oh”, I said a little embarrassed “Well are you having farewell drinks or anything?” “Nah” he said “I just want to leave quietly, unless you want to come for a drink with me?” I blushed, I had fancied John and he knew it! Still it was his last day, what harm could there be?

He took me to a quiet wine bar in the cellar of a large Victorian building and bought me a rather large glass of Merlot. As we sat and chatted I could feel the wine go to my head a little I am always careful no to to have too much to drink but for some reason I was feeling quite horny that evening.


As we chatted I became aware that my jacket had fallen open revealing my small, firm breasts…I was tempted to cover up but thought no ‘what the hell’ I was getting into a good mood!


After my second glass I became aware that I was feeling very mellow and John and I had chatted and laughed as we reminisced on some of the funnier events in the company while he’d beed there. I looked into his dark brown eyes and for a moment became lost as I wondered what it would be like if…I shook my head and came to my senses.


It was gone 9 o clock when I felt the need to go I stood up and although I wasn’t drunk by any means I stumbled over the leg of the bar stool and John caught me. “I’m fine” I retorted as John laughed and led me to a sofa on the other side of the room beside some large decorative barrels and boxes. he sat me down and sat beside me on the floor, I found myself gazing into those soft brown eyes again.


I’m not exactly sure what happened next, John rose and sat beside me on the sofa, his weight drew me onto his lap where he pulled me up and kissed me. I didn’t resist, not in the slightest, I was feeling very mellow, not to say aroused. As our tongues entwined I knew that I had let down my guard, but I didn’t care. John could have me if he wanted, by then I knew I certainly wanted him!

The next moments were whirl, he broke she kiss and as he turned me in his lap I slipped down feeling my skirt ride up and revealing my naked pussy to the bar. Only then I realised we were alone there. Like a wanton hussy I let him feel my breasts though my jacket as I spread my legs. I felt him undo my jacket and tug my skirt off and I was almost naked in seconds. Like a brute he remained dressed. I felt vulnerable yet very highly aroused. I knew by then that I was going to get fucked!

John pushed me back onto the sofa and I felt his hand slide up between my thighs. Like a tart I opened my legs for him and his firm fingers brushed over my pussy almost making me cry out! I gasped and panted as his fingers explored my soft petals then sighed as he pushed a finger, then two, inside me. I arched my back as he delved into my wetness, gripping his wrist to guide him rather than deter him!

I squealed as he grinned and turned me on the sofa feeding his wet fingers back inside my swollen, wet pussy lips and began to finger fuck me. I moaned and clawed at the fabric as he kneaded his fingertips on my G. The bastard knew what he was up to I almost came but he stopped and took his fingers out. I turned and glared at him. If looks could kill, he’d have been dead!

He turned me around and with a wicked grin pushed his handsome face into my pussy. I moaned gently feeling his tongue lap at my wetness and tingle my clit. He knew exactly where to tease me!

The brute wasted no time in turning me over again the handsome mouth eating my wet labia like I was some sort of luscious fruit. His tongue drew up over my clit making me moan with the pleasure of his touch.

Suddenly I came to my senses..I was his boss I needed to take control of this arrogant bastard. Steeling myself I turned and grabbed his thick hard cock as he stripped of his clothes. I smiled as I rubbed the thick organ between my breasts feeling the warmth. I licked the tip tasting a tiny bead of pre-cum. He looked a me and moaned, I grinned I was in control now!

Stroking his dick and watching his face, I felt his hard meat in my hand, I smiled “Now John it’s my turn!”, I whispered.

I licked my lips and sucked the top off his dick listening to his moans as I took the head into my mouth and rolled my tongue over his hard glans. I took him down inside me touching the back of my throat then let him slide out slowly feeling him buck and writhe under me.

I could feel myself getting wetter as I fellated him I knew he was close to cumming but I wasn’t going to let him spoil my fun! I let him slip out then stood and smiled at him. “Now you are going to fuck me !” I grinned as I turned and lowered myself onto his lap. Reaching down I guided his cock to my wet, wet entrance then sighed as I let him enter me. He felt so good and thick as I slid down taking his length into my pussy. I began to ride him almost instinctively, feeling his hard glans rub inside as his hard cock slid in and out of me!

I was like a girl possessed, the wine, the situation and location as well as my lover has brought me to an intense state of arousal. I rode him like I was on the last train to ecstasy fucking him like whore.

My lust knew no bounds I gasped and cried out as I felt his hard thick cock fucking me like a piston he was relentless, I was insatiable!

I rolled onto my back with I’m still inside me I looked up at him “Now fuck me you brute, fuck me hard!” No sooner had the words left my lips than he upped the tempo and powered into me. His cock slammed deep inside me I could feel him nudge my cervix as his balls slapped onto my ass.

I snarled and derided him which only made him fuck me harder. I was in heaven. I looked up into those hard brown eyes as he rammed his cock into me over and over again. I felt my body tingle, I was going to cum!

But he wasn’t done with me yet! He turned me over, I giggled and sighed knowing he wanted me like a bitch and I was happy to oblige.

Then without warning the stood up and dragged me over to the crates. “I’ve always fantasised about fucking you here!” he revealed. I was too far gone to complain or resist. I let him turn me around and bend me over then letting him shove his hard wet cock back inside me. “Oh fuck!” I cried.

He pounded me so hard I had to keep my balance my heels clip clopping into floor unable to steady myself as he screwed me. His thrusts almost lifted me off my feet completely as he fucked me so hard! I felt the tingle inside me I was going to cum and he knew it..he wanted me to cum like this wantonly and lewdly like a street slut, I didn’t care, I just wanted him to fill me!

I heard his moan and curse “Shit I’m going to cum!” he exclaimed. That was all I needed I knew when I felt him cum I would do too. After a few grunts and hard thrusts he pushed deep and held himself inside me…as I felt his warm seed spurt deep into my pussy I came, squealing like a banshee as wave after wave of spasms wracked my body as spurt after spurt of Johns cum filled my pussy.

As we slowed and regained our breath we were silent. We smiled at each other through post coital bliss, both knowing that although we had enjoyed an evening of blissful lust, we would not meet again. John’s flight was due to leave the next morning.

I reminisced the following Monday as I sat at my desk, wondering what may have happened if he had stayed. But he had gone I smiled as I recalled the lustful fuck we had both enjoyed. Wickedly I mentally looked around the office wondering who else I might like to take me on a farewell drink? With that the phone rang, business call, back to work.

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