Friday, December 21, 2018

Fellatio Friday #119

Hello and welcome! It's time for another batch of festive yumminess. The holidays are upon us, but most importantly, every Friday we are here to celebrate! Celebrate, of course, Fellatio Friday! Which means, another publication of selected delicious photos inspired by you flickrites' healthy obsession for oral pleasure - plus, yes indeed, another paragraph of me padding this paragraph so I can proceed with the 'disclaimer'! Annndddd...score!

A new meaning to 'mouthwatering' with this 'Nymph' by Traverse Slade!

Here we are , to the disclaimer bit, about the bits. Cocky bits, that's what we look for in the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group. Join it and you'll get a taste of the most complete compendium on (almost) 10'000 ways to slurp a dick, or make your guy (or playful girl in giving mood) long thinking about it using tools and comfort food. We pick one pic per person so nothing will always be published and seldom the very first week of release, but do not overthink about the reasons - blog galleries are arbitrary and in my case often about criterias that have nothing to do with a perceived 'quality'. That being said, I do love all these pics for different reasons, and so here you have them! Starting with...

The Cabin (Pt. 2) - Cody Aethmorot

Craving Cum - Cheryl Reddevil

One Surprise After Another H.A.M - Jagger Draconis

Christmas Joy 4 - Alexis Futanari

Fellatio - Abhati O

Tink: Rimjob - Nakuru Bergamasco

Baby said MORE Daddy...don't be a Pussy! - Storm Greystoke

Are you man enough? - Dax Rahl

BEG FOR IT - Rachel Swallows

The kiss of an empress - Sandra Palletier

Nails - Renascentia

Two of the most active members of the group meet in this Untitled by Mitya Dimas with Jade Doet

Meet..Chloe - Marcus Strong

vANTONv always calls the photos "X". Nobody is perfect!

His spot - EmmaJaneway

Wonder Woman basics insticts - Pablo Mendez

she just want to taste it - Angel Reignz a screenshot, from the newest release of Mitzy Broadway, called "Neon". The premiere of the movie and party is scheduled for today at 7 PM, so get prepared ! More info here

Untitled by Heather Bowson

and Untitled - Jaffe Varriale

In the office couch with Dani (danixrt) - JoeCIA87

Asylum @ Gobsmacked - Little Tyrant

Kimmy getting close - Sam Dellaux

...addicted to Cockaine... - Enki

KI NEW SHOES - Katya Imako

Fellatio Friday - Coco (Shnucks Swashbuckler)

Untitled by Schism Zepling

Yes, today i have a lot of Untitled pics! This by Shana Wild

public shower stories - Nikolaos

Fit Hard, Fuck Hard - Rhiannon Tamerlane

Mmmmm so hot - Kegho1

20181219_101117 - Thiago Scalli

Never too Late QoS (19) - Truck Turner (you could check the album...but be warned, that's one VERY well traveled lady!)

Special wedding night... - Teryl Nox

And today I am closing with this so very inviting treat from the wonderful Laina Alexandria, called Sugar. Plus, one of my favourite 'this is too narrow to fit anywhere in the gallery but as bottom pic' photos, from the always sensual Zunx. "Desire"

Enjoy your holidays, and stick around for more of everything!

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