Thursday, December 6, 2018

Pictorial - Nix

I met Nix at Yana's not long ago and had a great conversation.  I'm absolutely thrilled to feature her here today on the blog...I'm hoping we'll get to see even more of Nix soon!  💋 - XO Isa

Where are you from?:  The East coast of the United States
Rez Date:  10/17/2005.
What do you like to do in SL for fun?:  I think spending $L is probably at the top of the list! I'm very much an impulse shopper, and if you listen carefully you can hear my bookkeeper screaming. I also enjoy going dancing, and spending time just hanging out with my partner and my friends.
Sexual orientation and preference?:   A simple question with such a complicated answer! *laughs* I suppose it's fair to say I'm bi, with a bias towards women. I'm happiest as an equal or submissive. Being domme sometimes happens, but I can't force it or nobody has a good time.
Tell us something unique about you!:  My pink hair is 100% natural, no dye required.
Do you have a Flickr page and/or blog?:   I have a Flickr, but I'm still very much an amateur at photography.

Pictorial by Isabelle Cheviot.  Shot on location at Karma.

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