Friday, January 4, 2019

Fellatio Friday #121

Hello and welcome! And so it begins: another year on the knees, dealing with the delight of our Friday night, which is actually practiced, a lot, also all day long and across all week. I am talking of course about Fellatio. Which of course, I jest, it is by no means limited to the kneeling position. In fact I love to see every week the different stances, placement, excuses you use to showcase the sublime act of sucking a dick - if that is what happens! Ah the anticipation and lust. The ...thirst, even!

So that's the photo that opens this new year of cocksucking: Happy Thirsty New Year by Zunx!

Dog Star Fellatio Friday is the name of the Flickr group this post is based upon: oi, if you are not privy to this notion just yet, you have obviously missed out on over 2 years of weekly posts, which is fine, as they are just a 'best of' which is not really aiming to show 'all' the best, but rather a selection wide and varied, based on the weekly additions but not at all limited to it. Wow, this phrase is so convoluted. Anyway, do join the group! This way you'll be able to see the largest selection of oral sex photos in p0rn and not just!
And now, simply enjoy !

Blue & Quinn - Lasga Claven

Papi-Cock - Kayah Slade

Erotica 2 of 4 - Flux Afterthought (series here)

Let me taste please - Kitten (Lagertha4)

Lesley and I Hump day - Stifler24 (and check Lesley's version too!)

Jane & Larry at Maui - Larry Vinaver

Lexi's - Alicia Pudles

Savages - Misty (Oboroten Dorn)

Water Play - Morgan Talbot

👄 - Kylie Cavalli

Sex in the club2 - Nichostar

The Fuck Toy featuring Ivy the China doll - Nikolaos (and the whole set is here)

Taking care of the Prez 2 - Riff Marshall

iconic triptych - Jade Doet

Home with my boy - Jaffe Varriale

Suck - Alexis Futanari

this Natasha Deir in a photo by our good pal Enki!

Double Her Pleasure - Skorpio (ZackSpalding)

She enjoyed a lick - Peter

This is a real oldie, and The Notorious B.E.N. has done plenty more photos since. But I like to feature this time Best way to start off the new year 2/2 because it shows Margarita Blanco, one of the models who contributed to make FF what it is today.

Sun's Going Down - Chase Stone

Happy Friday - Chris Lion

Such a sexy young girl.... - Sam Dellaux

Sex Life 01 - DaGigo Liebhabbaer

Eve Blackwell Jungle Queen pt3 - Marcus Strong

Suck it good - Mandingo Brown

hard glory hole - Jimmy Windstorm

double fisted - Abhati O

waves a happy new year - Traci Quandry

Giada_003 - Nuur

Last Zazu of the year - Sandra Palletier

Teasing my little cock sis - Elena Silverstar

delis-4 - Onyx Marabana

Snapshot_027 - Zoeey Valissa

And yes, let's close with more of those uplifting messages for the new year! Weer Stand did this eyecatching (ouch , literally!) Happy New Jizz! , which is a greeting that I hope catches on. And the last photo is Tourdiddy's Happy New Year! Everything is better with bubbles! I use of course this occasion to remind you to visit the Forbidden Fruit gallery gala this Saturday 4-7 PM SLT. It will feature several amazing artists and will be a lovely time! That is of course, if they do not close the whole thing down for serving spiked, or should I say spunked, drinks. That so looks like health code violation!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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