Sunday, January 13, 2019

Pictorial - Dee Ling

My friend Sunday introduced me to Dee and offered to to take her pictures.  I have found Dee to be incredibly friendly and open, as well as stunningly gorgeous.  She's been in SL since 2006 and has seen a lot of change.  "We've gone from missing textures, when things wouldn't load, to bling, to pre-mesh avatars...and now we have Bento dicks.  Sometimes I don't know how we managed back then considering how we can look now.  Thank god flexi-hair is hardly a thing anymore!"  💋

Where are you from?:  
  Little Rock, AR
Rez Date:
What do you like to do in SL for fun?:
   DJ, Amateur Photography, Spend time with my family, Modeling, Less wholesome pursuits
Sexual orientation and preference?:
Flickr page:

Pictorial by Sunday Whitewood

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