Friday, January 11, 2019

Fellatio Friday #122

Greetings and salutations. Peruse, if you will, this caboodle of  orally themed daguerrotypes... okay, I was trying to sound a bit vintage and upscale, but this is not gonna work. Back to the classics: hey guys! it's Dog Star Fellatio Friday #122! 122 like the atomic number of unbibium! You know, the element that does not exist and there are no plans at all to even attempt to synthetize, it must suck to be it. Anyway, pictures do speak louder than words (and there's a chance most people in these pictures are not in the act of speaking!), so, let's simply show off some mouthy bonanza!

I really should go Downtown with Dokielicious Doobie sometime! Looks like fun!

I am left with a second paragraph that is, guess what, all about telling you wtf this post is! Oh you know, there's this thing people do on flickr, Fellatio Friday it is called. Favourite day to post photos themed around...yep, Fellatio, the fine art of putting yummy things in the mouth! So, since we have a Flickr group devoted to it, why not releasing a weekly post with a selection of photos from it? They are picked limited to 1 photo per person, and they encompass the whole life of the group - sometime it may even feature something gone from flickr, since , need I remind you, the February 5th date draws near when every photo in excess of 1'000 pics for free users will be deleted. Now that I distracted you with this PSA, let's end this and go ahead with pics! See you at the bottom.

Laid Back - Ivan Yerkinov

ph-7 - Onyx Marabana (nice set here!)

GOT MILK - Rachel Swallows

Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) - Chris Lion

FF with a hottie - Dax Rahl

Hunted on the Hammock - Chase Stone

Fellatio Friday - With the shades pulled down - Stacey Lucciano

Well it is Friday - Traci Quandry

courtesy of Dʀᴇ Bʀᴇᴇᴢʏ - Melinda Knoller

Felatio Friday fun with Vixxen - Kelli Kristan

OMG! Look at the size of THAT - Marley

Untitled photo by JoeCia87

sloppy bj 3 - Asari DarkSun

Paint tutorial - Sandra Palletier

Paige and Cindy: Lick It Up - Nakuru Bergamasco

Snapshot_044 - BigD Elcano

ZA PORNSHOOT 01 - Katya Imako

Not a drop wasted - Skorpio (ZackSpalding)

Late night ... - Koko Tigerauge

Another dirty wedding night... - Teryl Nox

Au soleil - Merie Merie

Facial - Alexis Futanari

Blind Lust - Trent Riddler

Selina Don Sex 2 - Don Roodborst

Lazy sunday - Zepp Sicling

Leith Corleone's series continues, still Larger than Life!

It's that day of the week.....  - Osiris LeShelle

Untitled shot by party animal Sergey Uralia ("Half dozen fun", nuff said!

so many to fuck me.... -  Jaffe Varriale

XXX Lincoln Truck - Abhati O

z3 - Thiago Skalli

His Queen (18) - Turn Trucker the Mack (check the set at this link)

Friendly Nostalgia - Markus Steiner

And the post close presenting one from Dakota Faith's flickr, very active again in the new year: Rent Boy 02. And where would FF be without sumfin from the FF King himself? This  time showing the aftermath of a job well done in Cream Release and Marcus Strong. Featuring....oh I leave that to your wits.

That's it for today! Stay tuned for more excitabilia on the Dog Star Blog , and enjoy the weekend!

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