Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Aerala's Evening

She thought we'd be going out to dinner.

She showed up in her sexiest LBD...showing enough thigh to tempt even the biggest prude...she could raise the dead, as they say.  But I had different plans for her tonight...and dinner wasn't on the menu.

I teased her without mercy...sliding a finger into her warm slit, marveling at how wet she already had become.  She wanted more, I could tell...she fought against her bindings in a desperate attempt to make me slide that finger inside of her.

But not yet...

...I wanted to play.

I was in a playful mood after all...and play I did.  I circled her tender bud gently...just barely touching it.  Her pleasure building as her clitoris swelled under my finger...her hole begging for penetration...her moans unbridled and filling the night air.

But not yet...

"What do you want, Aerala?"

My voice was swallowed by the sounds of the waves gently petting the shoreline, and by the sound of Aerala's growing desperation.

I didn't really understand her answer and frankly it didn't matter what she said.

I already knew what I was going to do to her.

I turned her around and locked her in to the stockade...she knew what was coming and her ass wriggled around involuntarily in anticipation.

I slid the rubber dildo into her slowly, wanting her to feel every inch.  Once I was buried inside her, I grabbed her hips and began to thrust...slowly at first...then faster...firmly...powerfully.

I released her from the stockade...and fucked her.  FUCKED her...

She held on, pushing back against the rubber that penetrated her.  The sounds of our bodies colliding together were matched to the sounds of her moans.

She moaned and cried out my name...her need growing.  I smiled as she begged for release.

But Mistress should always cum first...

Aerala would have to wait.

Feeling a bit cruel, I tied her to the wheel and spun it around.  The blood in Aerala's body rushing to her head....her arms flopped down uselessly.

I found a cozy seat and felt her tongue pleasure me....all of me.  My orgasm came quickly, a small gush of ecstasy coating her pretty face.

My orgasm passed...I watched her as she mounted the Sybian...more stimulation for her.

The dildo vibrated inside of her, sending indescribable sensations that made her delirious with lust.

Drooling, and nearly mad from her need to cum, she begged me..."Please Mistress!  Please let me cum!"

With a smile, I agreed....and watched with pride, and perhaps even some envy, as her orgasm swept her away.

Model:  Aerala
Pictures and Story:  Isabelle Cheviot

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