Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beaver's Digest - Volume 1

Welcome to the the first edition of the juvenile-ely named Beaver's Digest!

I think the concept of this post is rather simple: if you follow this blog you get to see models and actors that are part of the so called 'pornstars' community. Many even got their first break through these pages and through Isa's movies, but I digress!
You are here because you are part of this very active community or are interested to see more and more of it. Here then, just a little 'taste of' (you should patent that expression, Isa) some of notable projects and happenings in this week in porn.


Highly topical: "Batman vs Harley Quinn" by Kayla Whittaker! Featuring Thadd Maxim


Carly Mode's "Wild Card" featuring herself and err, Robo-D.


Not a porn movie but there's nudity and it's enough to make a puritan wag their finger. "A delicate tale" by PaoloJulius

On a completely unrelated note, a very pornographic pair of movies, with a distinct Taboo! feel.
Crazy Beast part 1 and part 2 directed by Billy for Camron Jade's 'Pornstars The Red Light' company. Both starring Billy and Kitten, and also featuring Rocco Van Helsing and Camron (part 1)  and Katina Cazalet (part 2).

IGS 2x04

Last but not leas, the latest episode of Intergalactic Sluts, Persuade. The director Miss Emily says about it "I think this is the best of the 130 movies I have made", if that does not, well, persuade you to check it out, I do not know what will!



This week saw the release of the 14th issue of Brit-X, with Kei Frequency on the cover, shoots by Kat Kassner, Laredo Lowtide, Nicasio Ansar, Ali Lancrae, and Holly Arkright, who was also a model together with Paige Snowpaw, Fahye, Roxxxy Foxdale, Sasha and Monique Lefry. Click Here to 'buy' it for free on MP or view it online! And click here to follow the new project by Kat, AEA, Adult Entertainment & Art, another magazine but with an online, more fluid format.

Speaking of Monique, this month she is the 'face' again of the newest edition of SX Magazine. The magazine is building lots of anticipation amongst the 'insiders' due to the Award show it is organizing, which will fill the gap left by The Sexiest Awards, awarding excellence in photography and movies for the year 2015 and the first half of 2016.
From the cover story of a polarizing figure in 'The All American BaDBoY' Christion Sparta to the Him/Her dualism shot by Jenny Starveling and with Dog Star's own Scotty in the panel, that's one magazine that will make people talk!

But as a last nod to talkers, divisive personalities and the likes, you might want to check out also the interview released online this week on Jumpman Lane's Slut Magazine with Ashley Sugarplum. Entertaining writing that goes beyond the simple Q&A, and you can't go wrong showing Ashley off anyway.



The party scene is always dynamic, with at least one Official Pornstar Party going on every evening in addition to all the other party opportunities SL offers. Not content with just shooting so many pictorials for Dog Star, Sunday Whitewood found time to dj also the Monday party at Ocean Haven and Thursday's 'special' party held at the Mirage art gallery - you might remember that one, with Dog Star movies still on display for the next week!

Above: Stacia and Zoey @ Pornstars Beach
Below: Yana Grau by Dax


For the first time in what has probably been years we didn't get to enjoy a Sunday's party at Yana's, as she was busy packing for her well deserved RL holiday. But she'll be back for next week's. And there are so many great photos for you to check out to remember the past ones on the Club Yana stream, including Friday's city party!

The amount of single pictures taken and posted in the various groups is bedazzling. You can see a selection of it through the 'gallery' posts mantained by Ali Lancrae for The Sexiest Pornstars blog, with the usual enthusiastic partecipation to the Ass Monday and  Topless Tuesday themes, her hot selection with Ladies and Couples, and Damien Godard as featured personality in the Spotlight.
Biarzenne Necro (who you will soon see in a pictorial on these pages!) is back after a SL break and is in full swing with projects (she opened a public casting call for TWO projects, follow the link for details! You can see Partee as her first model above.)

Likewise, Midnight Shinja is back doing his pictorials for the blog. Check out the gorgeous feature shots of Tammy Jones,  Kimmy, Belinda 'Linny' Kensington.  The latter has been posting photos daily on her flickr and is definitely looking to make an impact!...for better or worse, ahem, but I don't do gossip :-)

In other news, Dax celebrates his 300th follower with some porny hotness and Talisker is officially crowned 'BayGuy of August 2016'.

Not as many Olympic themed photoshoots as you'd expect, but I guess you can't watch that nail-biting skeet or pommel horse final and do porn at the same time. But luckily Aria Horan managed to squeeze one in with Kaoru Kira, in "Poolside Gymnastics"

Erotic and pornographic osets are being constantly produced by many talented photographers. This week, Erinyes Celestalis's on Matthew's Couch  and The Notorius B.E.N.'s Lazy Sunday.

Lazy Sunday 8/8

As for Dog Star, pictorials featuring Melanie Renierd, Erinyes Celestalis, Claudia Pexie, Kenny MrBigStuph, and the steamy 'Aerala's Evening', story and pics by and with Isa. A very productive week all around!

I hope you enjoyed this brief rundown of what represents just a minimal part of what goes on every week on the pornstars scene. The largest in-world groups dedicated to the adult scene, The Sexiest Pornstars group and SL Porn get you in touch with an overwhelmingly high amount of hot material and potential opportunities. Even if you have just a passing interest in the adult scene, having an idea of what goes on in this sometimes gated community is important. Dog Star Productions always tries to help you, and your feedback is the best reward (although Isa accept bribes)!

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